Bunch Electric Cargo Bike Overview

In this article and video, I’m giving you an overview of the Bunch Family Cargo Bike, specifically their electric trike cargo bike model. Who is it for, how does it handle and what do I think of the electric assist system?

Where are you on your cargo bike journey? If you aren’t sure about cargo bikes or what type is for you then start at my Cargo Bike Guide.

Video Overview of the Bunch Electric Cargo Bike

Bunch Electric Cargo Bike Overview

Bunch Original Cargo Bike Pricing

Starting at $4295 (was $3500 at the time of writing this plus tax or shipping) for the electric model

Bunch Original Cargo Bike Details

  • Fits rider heights 5’ to 6’5
  • Carry up to 220 pounds of cargo
  • 20″ Front Wheels (two total as this is a trike!)
  • 24″ Rear Wheel
  • Front and rear bench seats that can lock with a total of 4 harness seatbelts
  • Rear rack 
  • Headlight (non-electric runs off normal batteries, electric runs off e-bike battery)
  • The taillight on electric bike model that is integrated into the battery, no tail light on the non-electric model

Available Bunch Accessories

  • Rain cover or sun cover
  • Front door (you do lose the front bench)
  • Baby seat for inside of the box
  • Yepp seat for the back rack if you have 5 kids

Handling of the Bunch Cargo Bike

This style of trike has fixed wheels so to turn, you move the whole front box. Watch the above video if you aren’t clear on what that means. The advantage is that this trike is nice and stable when loaded BUT it doesn’t handle turns at speed very well as you are turning that massive box. It also can also be justled around on bumpy roads since there isn’t any suspension between the wheels.

I personally wouldn’t ride this bike in heavy traffic areas that need me to be nimble and responsive but in NE Denver with our straight, flat, bike lanes, and dedicated bike paths I think this a great bike. If you are staying in your neighborhood or bike paths and want something nice and stable – this could be a great cargo bike (trike) for you!

Thoughts on the Electric Assist on the Bunch Cargo Bike

Okay, this is truly the only non-Bosch electric-assist bike I sold in my bike shop and I want to explain what type of system it is and why I made that choice.

This trike uses a rear hub drive motor to assist your pedaling. This means that you have to pedal to get the electric assist to help you, they no longer sell a throttle option (which I would never sell), and the bike feels like it is pushing you a bit when you pedal to get that assistance. This system comes with a 2-year warranty that you would deal directly with Bunch for anything. Most electric-assist systems that aren’t Bosch, Shimano, or Yamaha, are a bit of a wild wild west without customer support or help. The ONLY reason I dealt with the electric assist from Bunch is that I can call someone on their team. After selling/servicing them for a couple of years, I still think it is an okay system but not something I want for daily, super reliable, use.

My expectations for this electric-assist are low, and the person looking to buy this will probably not put on a crazy amount of miles. We are talking 2-3 miles at a time for playdates, school drop-offs, and around-the-neighborhood life. The battery and system have a 2-year warranty, and depending on how many times you charge your battery and the temperatures it is stored in, you may need a new battery at the end of those 2 years. If this hub-based electric-assist system was on a bike that was getting ridden 20 miles a day, you may need to replace the wheel after 3-5000 miles which could be in a year or two. Most people won’t see that mileage for years at a time. Your battery will stop charging (which is replaceable) long before you have to worry about the electric assist motor wearing out.

Who is the Bunch Cargo Bike For?

This is probably the most important question I can answer.

Here is who has tested or purchased this bike so far: 

Families looking to replace short car trips (<3 miles), go further than their double stroller (or maybe their kids are too big for the stroller), dog owners that don’t want to drive their dogs to the park, families that want weather protection options and need the stability of the trike vs the Urban Arrow two-wheel cargo bike

Here is who it hasn’t worked for:

Someone going further than the neighborhood often, a daily cyclist that like the ride of a “bike”, ride a lot of miles, live somewhere super hilly or with a lot of turns or traffic, need to be able to transport the trike and don’t own a pick-up truck.


This bike will not replace my beloved Urban Arrow Family Bike or Tern GSD for me because I prefer the handling and speed of a two-wheel bike.

Finally, I do believe this is a great step forward for people that may not have picked up a two-wheel cargo bike due to stability or weather proof-ness for their kids. I expect to see a lot of these hitting our pathways this spring break for people that didn’t know they were even interested in a cargo bike!

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