Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike Review

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The Urban Arrow Family is my favorite cargo bike to truly replace your car. Today, we are going to be going through my Urban Arrow Family review, and what makes this bike so unique to make it my personal daily cargo bike with small children.

Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike Details

MSRP: $5000-7500 USD
Colors: Matte Black or Gloss White

The Urban Arrow Family is a front-loading electric-assist cargo bike or a bakfiets as you may hear in Europe. The capacity for this bike is 600 lbs including the rider and cargo. The bike is designed for a family, which includes fitting 3 kids in the front, and 1 child on the optional rear rack. It also works well to haul cargo and as your life changes the foam box and top metal frame can be removed.

Urban Arrow Family is an Ebike Only

The Urban Arrow Family is only available in electric assist, built around the solid Bosch Performance or Performance CX motor. Coming in the new Cargo Line motor for 2021 in the US. You must pedal and the motor will assist you at different levels that you select up to 20 miles per hour, we call this a class 1 electric-assist bicycle.

Urban Arrow Accessories

The family model comes stock with accessories designed for everyday biking like fenders, a rear frame lock, a large bell, and lights that work with the electric assist motor and battery. The foam box is included, with a forward-facing bench seat and 2 over the shoulder harnesses for kid containment. Finally, what makes or breaks a good cargo bike is the kickstand and the kickstand on the urban arrow family is sturdy and reliable. It is one of the few that I allow my children to climb in and out of when the bike is parked on stable ground.

Urban Arrow also has some of the best-designed kid hauling accessories for the Family model including a maxi cosi infant seat adapter which a maxi cosi infant seat snaps into like a stroller, it is suspended which helps with bumps and there is still enough room for two children to sit on the bench with it installed. (See a list of compatible infant seats here.) The optional rain cover is easy to use, with access for the kids to get in and out, it also fits over the infant seat placement. This specific design feature is honestly why I switched to this bike a few years ago. Finally, everyone orders the optional rear rack which is designed to match the lines of the bike and the integrated rear light can be moved to the back of the rear rack.


The Urban Arrow Family truly helps replace the family mini-van and gets you to leave the car at home and live a life of freedom by bicycle. Skip the parking, the traffic, and the stress of being in a car for errands and kid hauling.

Reimagine your life from the seat of a cargo bike.

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