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Tern HSD Recommended Accessories

by Bike Shop Girl

Are you looking at the new Tern HSD electric bike? First off you, you can read my detailed Tern HSD review here. Next, I wanted to talk about accessories, what I would recommend and why.

Core Tern HSD Accessories

Cargo Hold 37 Bags $185

These bags were designed around the HSD, have a nice magnetic buckle and hold 74 L per pair. I have a set of these in the shop for review that I’ll post soon. These will be arriving late December 2019

Kryptonite New York Noose Lock $110

One of my goto locks for expensive electric bikes. Easy to use and originally designed for the streets of New York.

DuoStand $90

Double sided kickstand for the Tern HSD. Read my review here.

Car Replacement HSD Accessories

Front Transporteur Rack – $160

Tern Go-To Bag $150

This bag slips on to the front of the Tern HSD or GSD and can lock on. I actually really like this as an everyday work bag as laptops, cameras, and all my stuff fit really well. This requires an adapter for your bike called a Luggage Truss CMT which is $55 and allows you to use many other bags/accessories with the bike and lock them on.

Kid Hauling HSD Accessories

Sometime in the spring of 2020 a new passenger kit and double kickstand will be available for this bike. I don’t know many details beyond that. For now, here’s what I would recommend to get you started. I’ll update this article once I have a full write-up of the pros and cons for all options. 

Yepp Nexxt Maxi $230

Yepp Maxi Easy Fit $220

Yepp Junior $180 (We have these coming from Europe)
Kid hauling: yepp or yepp junior or sidekick bars and pad

Tern Side Kick Bars ($65) and Seat Pad ($55)

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