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Hi! I’m Arleigh Greenwald.

A mom of 3, a retired cargo bike shop owner, and now I create content full time to help people in city biking and cycling tech. I started Bike Shop Girl in 2008 to help empower women in cycling when I was commonly the only woman in a local bike shop. In 2015, after our first child arrived, I rediscovered cargo bikes.

Bike Mechanic

I've been working on bikes since high school and have a very high standard to ensure the safest and most reliable bikes for our families and kids.

Cargo Bike Consultant

First, I owned a cargo bike shop helping families and businesses make life changing choices to go by bike. Now, I work with Tern Bicycles in design and marketing, and consult with families, businesses, government agencies, to make important decisions to include cargo bikes as their last mile solution.

Content Creator

I turn to writing and video to help families and businesses around the world to get on the bike and leave the car at home.


Bike Shop Girl started in 2008. I was working in a bike shop and realized that because there aren’t many women in the industry, there aren’t many resources to help women. Bike Shop Girl started with the goal of “empowering women in cycling.”

Fast-forward to 2015, when I started having kids and fell in love with cargo bikes. In 2018, I was inspired to open a bike shop for my family and yours when I couldn’t find any good bike shops in Denver, Colorado that was tailored to family biking. Quickly, the shop won awards—not because I did anything crazy but because I focused on getting everyday people on bikes!

After three years, COVID hit, and our family decided we needed to move closer to family (we had no immediate family in Colorado). Sadly, our bike shop needed to close. I took a job with Tern Bicycles in marketing and product design and spent the last 3 years learning a lot about product design, go-to-market product launches, and the type of products I want families and businesses to use.

Thanks for joining in this journey!

Design the life you want to live.

Bike Shop Girl


I believe that bikes can solve many of the world’s problems and make us better humans in our everyday lives. Riding a bike in a low-stress environment makes you feel more connected, alive, and happier.

I hope to take what I did in my bike shop every day and share it here on this website. My deep love and knowledge of urban cycling and biking with kids will help you find your own daily happiness by bike.

I write and share:

• City biking product news and reviews, especially with an emphasis on cargo bikes and electric bikes

• A growing collection of kids’ biking resources

• Articles and guides to biking tech like Tips to Buying an E-Bike and Top Cycling Cameras

• Bike Mechanic Monday – a series of how-to tips to keep you and your bike happily rolling.

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