New Bosch Purion 200 Display and Controller for smart system

bosch purion 200 smart system e-bike display and controller

Bosch released several MY24 updates for EuroBike 2023, which I’ll be covering in separate posts so that I can add to them as I get more details. The ones that stood out to me are the new Bosch Flow+ app, Bosch display customizations, PowerMore 250 external add-on battery, Active Line and Active Line Plus motors coming to the smart system, eShifting (!), Bosch Purion 200 display, and the new Bosch Kiox 500 display.

The new Bosch Purion 200 may seem minor to some, but for me, this is perhaps the perfect Bosch display for minimalistic city and mountain biking.

Until now, the minimum option for the new Bosch smart system was the LED remote. If you wanted a display, you needed something added to the center of your handlebars which crowded the handlebars and was something that you had to remember to take off when you locked up. The new Purion 200 fixes all of my concerns and may be the perfect option when paired with a smartphone mount if you need navigation.

bosch purion 200 smart system e-bike display and controller

Bosch Purion 200 Display Details

  • Controller and colored display in one hard-mounted unit
  • 1.6″ display
  • Availability: Bosch says summer
  • Can still add a second display
  • Connects with Flow app to track cadence, performance, and other data
  • MSRP: $198.50
  • ETA: This winter

This is the smart system version of the widely popular Bosch Purion for eBike System 2. Physically you get some updates, including more buttons to be able to scroll through your range, speed, distance, etc. In the original Purion, you had to hold buttons to access this. The display is much larger and in color to help you quickly look down to see things. On the software side, the Purion 200 connects to your phone through the Flow app allowing you to sync data from your ride, and perform updates to your smart system.

Who is the Bosch Purion 200 display for?

As I mentioned in my intro, this is a very nice minimal setup for city biking where you may not want another thing to have to remove or clutter up your handlebars. For mountain biking, I like the streamlined feel and removing the display that could be knocked off if I lay my bike down. I have some unanswered questions about this setup, specifically regarding pricing, availability, and installation. The other display options like the Kiox and Intuvia are plugged into the remote for an easy add-on. I’m not sure how easy this one will be to add on since it is replacing your actual remote.

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