Meet the Tern Atlas Kickstand for the Tern GSD Cargo Bike

Meet the Tern GSD Gen 1 Atlas Kickstand

Upgrade Option: $50 plus labor for current GSD owners in the US!
A pulley is needed for the S00 and is provided by Tern.

Tern Atlas Details

A running list of things that are worth mentioning, in no particular order. I plan on adding to this list as I use the kickstand more and customers have their own feedback!

  • It really is one of the easiest cargo kickstands I have used
  • The kickstand is mounted further back on the bike, under the rear cargo area. This makes the bike feel more balanced and makes it easier to “roll” the kickstand on and off.
  • The feet are replaceable, no pricing or availability on those yet. I assume the spring will be too. 
  • I have not tested this kickstand with studded tires, but the room available under the front tire when it is engaged makes me believe it will be fine.
  • It does not work on the Tern HSD or any other Tern bicycle!

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