Tern HSD Duostand Kickstand Upgrade

The Tern HSD electric bike is one of my favorite electric bikes right now and Tern is about to make it even better with a new DuoStand kickstand.

In my opinion, one of the most important components of a good everyday bike that allows people to bike more and worry less is a solid kickstand. The Tern HSD ebike has everything I would want in a standard ebike – lights, fenders, built-in lock, comfortable position, the ability to carry more stuff than a normal bike, but less than a true cargo bike but the stock side-mounted kickstand wasn’t ideal for my family or lifestyle where I’m often carrying heavy backpacks or one small child while my other one bikes.

If you are wanting to carry some light cargo or a kid on the back of the Tern HSD electric bike, the new Tern DuoStand kickstand is for you.

Tern DuoStand Kickstand Details

• Made specifically for the Tern HSD
• Retails for $90
• Max load capacity of 132 lbs/60kgs

This upgraded two leg kickstand will cost you $90 in the US, but really adds stability to your HSD while still being easy to use, and tucked out of the way. The design of the Duo Stand is straightforward and clean. One main u-piece that has welded on feet. A spring on one side that looks like it will be easy to replace when the time is needed.

This kickstand does have a max weight limit of

132 lbs/60kgs like the rear rack of the Tern HSD, so keep that in mind so you aren’t sitting on the saddle of the bike with the kickstand on unless you do weigh under 132 lbs and don’t have cargo on the back of the bike.

To install, I just needed to remove the old kickstand and install the new one with two 17mm wrenches and the parts provided by tern. 


After trying the kickstand with a kid and cargo, I believe the kickstand is exactly what most people would want for their Tern HSD. An easy to use dual kickstand that isn’t a super expensive upgrade. For someone wanting something burlier or expecting a higher weight capacity then you probably should be looking at the Tern GSD dedicated cargo bike with the atlas kickstand. 

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