Tern Introduces a Smarter HSD Gen 2 Electric Cargo Bike

tern hsd gen 2 electric bike with couple

Over the past few days, Tern has been teasing a Goldilocks story about e-bike shopping and trying to find a bike that wasn’t too small, but not too big.

Today, we get to share with you that the Goldilocks of electric cargo bikes is the redesigned mini but mighty HSD! This article is written by a major fan of the original HSD, and as someone that does work for Tern Bicycles (gotta get that disclaimer out of the way!)

I’ve often said that if I could only have one electric bike it would be an HSD and coined it the “Crossover of Electric Bikes.” That statement is even more so with the new generation 2 updates. Let’s dig into what is new, improved, and different. Make sure to post your questions in the comments at the bottom!

Tern HSD Gen 2 Electric Cargo Bike Features

  • A stronger and stiffer frame tested with EFBE 3rd party testing lab
  • 397 max gross vehicle weight (MGVW)
  • 176 lb rear rack capacity
  • Bosch Smart System with Performance Line (Class 1) and Performance Line Sport (Class 3)
    545wh battery
  • Fits riders 4’11” to 6’5″
  • Easy-Step design is comfortable with a low step thru height of 19″
  • Weighs 54-58 lbs, including battery
  • 99% of HSD Gen 1 accessories work on the Gen 2
  • Starting price of $4,299 in the US
  • Available fall of 2023 in North America

Tern HSD Gen 2 vs Gen 1

This is where I get excited to share details! As a bike nerd, but also a daily user of these bikes, and previously a small bike shop owner, it is very rewarding for me to be involved with Tern as we evolve, learn, and reiterate.

tern hsd gen 2 cargo bike

The original HSD Gen 1 is a fantastic daily bike. I truly believe that it changed many people’s perspective of what an e-bike is, how it should ride with the smaller 20″ wheels and lower battery placement, but the capacity of carrying 136 lbs on the back with ease. The Tern design team took our own experiences using the HSD, and all the stories from bike shop owners, and riders, to simply amplify what was already great to be even better.

Here are some of my key differences between the generations, I’m sure I’ll add to them as I spend more time on the HSD Gen 2 bikes.

A Stronger, Stiffer Frame

The HSD Gen 2 is significantly stiffer at the bottom bracket and headtube. This is important as the frame is also stronger with a max rear rack capacity of 176 lbs compared to the 136 lbs of the HSD Gen 1.

Simplified Model Structure

One thing I really appreciate from an ex-bike retailer is that we simplified the HSD Gen 2 models. There 4 models available for the US, 3 are Class 1 (max 20mph assistance), and a single Class 3 (max 28mph assistance) option. The motors are all Performance Line / Performance Line Sport and the key differences will be drivetrain and Bosch displays. Previously, we offered so many models with multiple different motor options. It is now simplified, hooray!

Tern HSD Gen 2 Bosch Smart System

Bosch Smart System

This is the newest e-bike system from Bosch with Bluetooth connection to your phone, built-in alarm, and GPS on the higher-end S-class models. I plan on having a full article all about the Bosch Smart System soon!

HSD S00, HSD P5i, HSD P10 models have a Performance Line Motor – Class 1 with 75 Nm torque and 340% assist

HSD S11 has the Performance Line Sport Motor – Class 3 with 75 Nm torque and 340% assist

Bosch Battery – All models are using the PowerPack 545 battery

hsd gen 2 charging port

EasyAccess Port

We moved the charging port to the top tube to make it easier to charge your battery when it is installed on the bike

Compatible Accessories

99% of the original HSD accessories work on the Gen 2. The exception, that I know of, is the original HSD DuoStand Gen 1 kickstand.

Other Features All HSD Models Have

Rear wheel frame lock with key that matches the battery lock
Front and rear lights that integrate with

Tern HSD Gen 2 North American Models

Tern HSD Gen 2 P10 Model



Class 1  E-Bike

• 1×10 Derailleur Drivetrain
• Bosch Intuvia 100 Controller
• North American colors: Orange & Satin Black

Tern HSD Gen 2 P5i Model



Class 1  E-Bike

• Internally Geared Hub
• Shimano Nexus 5-speed 
• Gates Belt Drive
• Intuvia 100 Display
• North American Colors: Dragon Fruit & Sea Breeze

Tern HSD Gen 2 S00 Model



Class 1  E-Bike

• Enviolo Internally Geared Hub
• Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with 380% Gears
• Gates Belt Drive
• Kiox 300 Display
• Bosch electronic lock, alarm, and GPS
• Brighter Ignis headlight (700 vs 190 lumens)
• Magura MT4 Brakes
• RearStop Brake Light
• North American colors: Dark Blue

Tern HSD Gen 2 S11 Model



Class 3  E-Bike

• Shimano 11-speed derailleur drivetrain
• Kiox 300 Display
• Brighter Ignis headlight (700 vs 190 lumens)
• Magura MT4 Brakes
• RearStop Brake Light
• Bosch electronic lock, alarm, and GPS
• Color: Dune
• Only available in the US

Which Tern HSD Gen 2 Cargo Bike is for you?

(Actively working on this section today!)

At the time of writing this, these bikes aren’t yet available for test rides so I want to help you as much as possible to figure out which model could be for you!

There are 4 models available in the US, 3 versions that are Class 1 and 1 that is Class 3. In Canada, only the 3 versions of Class 1 are available. All Class 1 models share the same motor and battery so we really are focused on different drivetrains (what makes the bike shift), the Bosch display, and if it comes with the Bosch E-Bike Alarm and ConnectModule.

HSD P10 Class 1 Electric Cargo Bike

This is the “base” model but still pretty spectacular. It uses a chain and Shimano 10-speed derailleur system. This uses the Shimano Deore Shadow+ derailleur which has a clutch that adds tension to the derailleur. This will help on potholes and help a bit more when you are shifting under load (though you want to try and avoid this!) This is also the lightest of the HSD models at 54.2 lbs including the battery. View more details on Tern Bicycles

HSD P5i Class 1 Electric Cargo Bike

The “i” in the naming means internally geared hub. This is using the Shimano Nexus 5i hub, a specifically designed internally geared hub to withstand the demands of a high torque e-bike motor. The internally geared hub means you can shift at a stop, and a lot less maintenance than a derailleur bike. This model also comes with the Gates Belt Drive, making this model well worth the $300 upgrade over the P10 in my humble opinion if you want a bike with lower maintenance overall. View more details on Tern Bicycles

HSD S00 Class 1 Electric Cargo Bike

The “S” in the naming means this is the supreme model lineup, often coming with nicer details and the S00 does not disappoint! The S00 naming is carried over from the GSD and represents the Enviolo CVT system that technically does not have a specific number of gears because the hub has infinite adjustments. It is hard to understand until you ride it but there are no steps in between the gears and has a gear range of 380%! This is why it is named “00”. This also has the Gates Belt Drive.

Other S-Class upgrades:
• Magura MT4 brakes with the RearStop Brake lights
• Cane Creek suspension seatpost
• Bosch E-Bike Alarm and Connect Module
• Fancier color Bosch Kiox 300 display
View more details on Tern Bicycles

HSD S11 Class 3 Electric Cargo Bike

Following along with the upgraded S-Class from the S00, the S11 is the Class 3 model in the HSD Gen 2 lineup. This is a derailleur bike, with a Shimano 11-speed Shadow+ Deore setup. The Shadow+ means the derailleur has a clutch on it to provide tension, this helps when shifting under some load and to help if you are hitting lots of potholes.

The motor is a Performance Line Sport motor, this is a Class 3 motor from Bosch and my favorite of the Class 3 options from them. Compared to the Performance Line Speed motor you have to work a bit harder to get the extra speed between 20-28mph. I appreciate this as it makes the bike feel more sporty and less of a speed machine.

Other S-Class upgrades:
• Magura MT4 brakes with the RearStop Brake lights
• Cane Creek suspension seatpost
• Bosch E-Bike Alarm and Connect Module
• Fancier color Bosch Kiox 300 display
View more details on Tern Bicycles

tern hsd P5i electric cargo bike

HSD Gen 2 Frequently Asked Questions​

Make sure to post your questions in the comments below!

When will these be available?​

Fall 2023

Can I upgrade my HSD Gen 1 with the new Bosch Smart System?​

Unfortunately, no. A bike must be tested and properly outfitted with the approved Bosch motor, you can not upgrade motors or e-bike systems.

Will HSD Gen 1 accessories fit?​

The majority of HSD Gen 1 accessories work on the Gen 2. The exception is the original DuoStand Gen 1.

Should I upgrade from my HSD Gen 1?​

This is a personal take, but I love that I can carry an adult on the HSD Gen 2, and I’m VERY excited about the Bosch security system integrated into the motor on the S-class bikes. Saying that, unless I really needed to carry a bigger rider or my current HSD is underpowered then I probably wouldn’t upgrade.

Learn More

Visit TernBicycles.com for all the details and let me know what questions you have!

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29 thoughts on “Tern Introduces a Smarter HSD Gen 2 Electric Cargo Bike”

  1. Arleigh, thank you for this write-up! Very informative, good details!

    Do you see a world where Tern offers the US a class 3, Gates carbon belt HSD?

    This is obviously a narrow niche, I haven’t seen anybody offers a bike that hits all of these:
    – Bosch class 3 motor
    – Gates carbon belt drive (Enviolo or Shimano Nexus hub)
    – Mid-tail or long-tail cargo bike w/ kid-carrying capacity
    – Height adjustable for range of riders

    The HSD S11 and Benno’s Remidemi do all except carbon belt drive.
    The HSD P5i, HSD S00 and Riese & Muller’s Multitinker do all except the class 3 motor.
    Gazelle does Class 3 with Enviolo hubs, but not height adjustable (and lighter carrying capacity).
    R&M does Class 3 with Enviolo hub and height adjustable bakfiets, but not mid-tail or long-tail.

    Is anybody else asking for this?

    1. Hi Andy,

      I think there are two limitations in this:
      1. The US is the only place that carries the Class 3, and we need to order so many to make this happen. Making it IGH and Gates would up the price and limit the sales
      2. I don’t believe Bosch makes a IGH compatible Performance Line Sport motor, only derailleur. Again, I believe this comes down to “how many can we sell, and is it worth it to split hairs?”

    2. I’m with you. I would love to see all those things in one bike. S11 in the closest I can get.

  2. Hillary Rosentreter

    Is the HSD compatible with trailers, like Burley trailers, etc…? I know the GSD has holes in the frame for that purpose, but are there any provisions for that on the new HSD? I also saw mention, I think, of the larger battery. Will that be available in North America (specifically Canada)? And with the single-sided kickstand, is it study enough to allow a small-to-medium adult passenger to mount the bike? Or is there a maximum weight limit to the kickstand? I think the lack of centred kickstand is a bit of a bummer. Otherwise amazing bike though, and I can see so many people jumping on this later this year!

  3. I love that you can now hold an extra adult on the back! Although not as big and strong as the GSD, I think it is a worthy compromise. Some major improvements from an already great bike. I’m looking forward to hear details on roll out in the fall and how to place an order. Will bike shops already be able to place orders for them?

    1. I am struggling with the HSD S00 vs. HSD S11. My issue with the S00 is regarding the stiffness of the Eviolo twist shifter. This seems to be a real issue reported by many people. I know you are more knowledgeable on this topic. Could you share your thoughts? My spouse rode a Gazelle Avignon with that shifter and it was so stiff that it was almost unusable. I’ve seen people say it is simply a cable adjustment, but I’ve seen people report that the husband’s bike was adjusted but the wife’s bike was never resolved. What is the story with the twist shifting? Is there a video that shows how to adjust it to fix this problem? I really prefer the S00 set up, but this issue is giving me pause.

  4. Excellent write up! Really been enjoying your content as I figure out how a ebike can fit into my life. I’m in the process of getting my first HSD – of course right as these came out. Current inventory is scarce, understandably, though I did find a HSD S+. However in this new lineup it looks like automatic shifting was dropped… curious if you have any insight into this decision? Cost? Performance/reliability? Debating if whether I should pick up the S+ or wait. Gen 1 HSD weight limit is fine for my use case, Smart System would be nice but not a deal breaker… Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Brice!

      Glad you are finding some info helpful! Let me know what I’m missing as I focus more on writing articles this summer.

      While we loved the S+, it wasn’t a huge seller globally. To keep bikes as affordable as possible we need to have economy of scale, and focusing in on the 3-4 models we knew would do well. I say 3-4 since the Class 3 is only available in the US.

      Stay well,

  5. I have been a big fan of Tern for at least a couple years now. I thought about buying a Tern HSD last year but realized the Class 1 didn’t go fast enough for me once I took one for a test ride. My daily work commute is 10 miles each way and there are very long open bike path stretches where the support up to 28 mph would be ideal. I know there is one Class 3 model but I have also sworn off chains and will only ride belt drive bikes now (10 years now with belts and am totally hooked). I was hoping that with the updates, my “Goldilocks” situation might be resolved, but alas, Class 3 and belt are still not paired in a single awesome bike. Guess I’ll keep waiting and hoping. Or maybe in a few years I’ll be ok with Class 1 only and will pull the trigger then on the HSD P5i or whatever replaces it. Btw, love all the great two wheeled coverage!

    1. Hey Brad!

      Thanks for the comment.

      Bosch doesn’t support programming of internally geared systems on their class 3 motors. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      I’m super excited about all models, especially the hsd s11 and p5i!

    2. Hi Brad,

      I have a 9 mile commute each way. I figured out using a speed distance time calculator that I would save less than 10 minutes on each direction of my commute due to traffic lights, stop signs, hills, etc. bringing down my average speed over the commute (time spent waiting at a light takes just as long on a Class 1 or Class 3 bike). If you have a flat commute with few stops and averaged 25mph vs 17mph over 10 miles, your commute would be shortened by a little over 10 minutes. The higher speed would also significantly increase battery usage, meaning more frequent charge cycles and more battery degradation over time (wind resistance / drag increases dramatically the faster you go). The last deciding factor was that in my part of the US, only Class 1 bikes are allowed on most bike trails and paths. I wanted to have a general purpose bike I could use for commuting and recreation.

      A counterpoint is that if your area has very poor bike infrastructure and you’re spending a lot of time riding in a general traffic lane, a Class 3 bike might help you keep up with the flow of traffic more. That said, the road rager behind a bicyclist going Class 1 speeds is going to be just as annoyed behind a bicyclist going Class 3 speeds.

      I hope that helps in your decision making process!

  6. Misha Krivoruchko

    Will I be able to attach/order the new 725 watt hour battery to this one instead of the 545?

    1. I *believe* so. Everything I have heard is that they are the same form factor length wise but just taller stack height. BUT I haven’t put my hands on a 725 to test.

  7. Do you want know why the HSD S7i is not marketed in the US? The Kindernay shifting system looks like a good alternative to Rohloff and Enviolo.

      1. Am I understanding that right, and the new gen2 HSD would be coming out in September? Thank you in advance for your reply.

        1. Hey Katie, Congratulations!!!!

          Everything I am seeing looks to be like October. There is no way for us to nail down specific dates for a few reasons:
          1. Right now they are in a container. It’s impossible to say how long that container takes to get across the ocean, through the port, out of the container into our warehouse. Everything right now is pointing to mid-October.
          2. Once they are in the warehouse, we are shipping them to shops based on when they ordered them. Did your shop order first? 25th? That will change things a few days too
          3. Finally, they leave the warehouse and are in the hands of UPS or a freight shipper, and depending where you live in the US this could be 1-6 days

          All in this saying, they are on the way! Be in contact with your shop and we will tell them when they are on the way to them 🙂

  8. Will there be a Duostand that fits the HSD Gen 2? This seems like a must with a wiggly small child onboard.

  9. Got our order in for a P5i. Going to be sharing it between two adults, toting one tiny human.
    Do you have a new bike checklist of things we should be sure to do with our bike shop (i.e. someone who knows what they are doing) to get everything set up?

    1. Nevermind. I found it.

      I do have another question though. We are not especially bike saavy (for example, I am not sure we know how to remove and replace a front tire), and our kid loves learning to ride. Is there an easy way to transport his bike on an HSD (with clubhouse mini)? I have seen some haphazard solutions on other bikes around town, but nothing that inspires confidence. It would be great to bike to a park with his bike so he can learn to ride away from traffic.

      Thanks again for your help.

  10. I think my primary question is:

    Why the change from Deore XT to Deore on the S11? Everything else was improved, but why downgrade that? The shifting of the XT is pretty great for the cargo reliability without having the enviolo.

    I currently have the HSD S11 and plan to upgrade for the capacity and security upgrade (and the light upgrade is also nice) as quickly as it’s available (and hoping to get a CO state rebate to offset the cost delta!) I have a lot of the accessories and am only really looking to get the new captain’s chair to go with the new HSD.

  11. Hello, I’m super excited for the s11 gen2 to arrive. My current commuter is class 2 and after test riding a gen1 s11 I’m really looking forward to having that class 3 speed and all the other wonderful aspects of the HSD.

    Do we already know the release date, or at least which month it’s most likely to come out in? (And if we only know the month, is it likely to be early in the month or later in?) Thank you so much in advance!

  12. Got mine with a Transporteur and Cargo Holds. I also got a Kryptonite 1213 cinch chain, which I am tossing in a pannier. I am wondering if there is a better way to stow it while riding though. Do you have any suggestions?
    This is my first bike with a suspension fork, and I am wary that stowing it up in the rack will add unnecessary wear and tear to the suspension over time.

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