Tern GSD Gen 2 Cargo Bike Models Explained – Which is for you?

tern gsd cargo bike models explained
Tern GSD S00 Electric Cargo Bike Camping

Tern GSD Frequently Asked Questions

I'll continue to add to this, please ask your questions in the comments!

What is Max Gross Vehicle Weight?

Max Gross Vehicle Weight (MGVW) is the max weight your bike can safely carry and what Tern has tested to with EFBE 3rd party testing lab.

The Tern GSD Gen 2 is tested to 440 lbs. This includes everything! The weight of the bike, weight of riders, cargo, accessories, a trailer, cargo in the trailer, etc. The only exception is if you are using a trailer with brakes. When you are trying to figure out how much you can carry on your Tern GSD make sure to include everything.

Is the LX GSD model worth it?

The more common question I receive is if the S10 LX is worth the upgrade over the S10 base model. 

The S10 LX, S00 LX, and R14 all have an upgraded package with a larger first battery at 500Wh instead of 400Wh, a brighter 700 lumens headlight, and a Cane Creek suspension seat post.

It is very difficult to upgrade the headlight after, so if you are going to be riding a lot in the darkest of nights, then the headlight may be important to you.

The larger battery is important to me because I’m always going until my bike is running on fumes. 20% more distance could be important! 

The Cane Creek suspension seatpost adds a lot of comfort to the bike, but also can be added after. One thing to note is that if you are shorter this upgrade may not benefit you as the seatpost can’t go as low as the non-suspension version. 

What is an Internally Geared Hub?

The Tern GSD S00 and R14 cargo bike models have internally geared hubs, where the gears for your bike are inside the middle of your rear wheel.

The benefits to this are that you can shift when you are stopped, and there is a lot less maintenance since the chain isn’t moving across a cassette. I highly recommend finding a bike with an internally geared hub to test ride.

Why does REI have different GSD Cargo Bikes?

REI has unique bikes for their stores, this includes the type of drivetrain and the colors. Both GSD models for REI are the “LR” version without the upgraded battery, headlight, and suspension seatpost.

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10 thoughts on “Tern GSD Gen 2 Cargo Bike Models Explained – Which is for you?”

  1. Charles Montgomery

    A few things you might want to consider adding some information about:

    1. It might be useful to point people in the direction of that Bosch range calculator so people can make estimates of the range difference between the 400 and 500 battery.
    2. Some people have asked if the IGHs with the belt drive are more or less efficient than the derailleur model. I’m not sure if Tern has any official thoughts on that, but I know some are concerned about it.
    3. Not really a question people have, but some people seem to not understand that you should let up on pedaling to shift with the enviolo. Lack of this information seems to result in a lot of post-purchase questions. I also suspect that shifting while pedaling might be the cause of the various failed enviolo grip shifter posts that are out there.

    1. Charles, super helpful info!

      It feels like an IGH article is needed. I’ll start collecting the FAQ from the groups to work on something.

      Thank you so much,

  2. Have you done a comparative writeup of the various Bosch computers (and any related apps)? The reviews on the Bosch Intuvia companion app are some of the worst I’ve ever seen in the app store, and flip me from my usual “connect all the things” stance to make me downright worried about anything Bosch that is bluetooth connected.

    1. Luis – are you thinking for the new Bosch Smart System? The GSD Gen 2 doesn’t have any “connect all the things” features unless you have upgraded to a Kiox/Nyon.

      1. Hey there,
        thanks for the great articles!
        Is it possible to upgrade to a Kiox? I really love the GSD but for me the Purion is just outdated and too simple on a bike that expenisive. 😉

  3. Thank you for such great articles and for your support in the community in general.
    I’m just under a week in with my new GSD, so here are some of the things that I had to work through, in case they are of assistance to your readers:
    1) Transport – How easy or difficult is the GSD to transport in a regular vehicle. Now owning it, I can see that it is much easier to transport if it can be loaded upright into a vehicle. Lifting and rolling it in is not that hard. On its side, however, it would be a much more awkward process, and perhaps not worth the effort for anything but significant rides, and would require two people in all likelihood.
    2) The headlight – I have the S10 LX, and I’m totally blown away by how wide and bright this headlight is. I think this needs to be highlighted as I’ve never seen another bike that can light up the road in such a significant way. It makes riding at night quite enjoyable (note I’m also a bit of a flashlight nerd, so I know my lights)
    3) Battery life is something that continues to be something that I find challenging to get a grasp on without more experience. I’d love to see a video on real-world examples of things that can be done on one battery charge, and how the terrain and riding style and load of the bike affect things things. I know, LOTS of variables here that make big differences, but the problem is there are NO videos of any examples to even start to understand this from. It would be good to know, for example, that one person, on relatively flat terrain, can do 6 grocery trips of 5km in each direction on one battery charge, or ride for 65km without heavy items in Touring mode etc etc. Create 5 examples with different scenarios, and potential buyers will have at least some idea of what can be done, along with the things that make that battery life better/worse, including variables like temperature.
    4) There are some lovely accessories for the bike that are Tern-branded and other things that are not, and many mounting points on the bike. A fun exploration of all the ways one can ‘kit-out’ the bike would be really enjoyable and interesting.
    5) The significance of the construction of the bike is something that needs to be experienced, but also isn’t shown well on most videos. There is something about the way this bike is designed the make it look less substantial in photos and video than in person. Demonstrating this by focusing on this aspect would have been very useful for me. I love this aspect about the bike, but suspect there will be some that don’t like it and would allow them to investigate the HSD or other bikes.
    6) Real world maintenance situations would be great to see – a flat tire while riding in the real world – how does one do that for the front and rear tires, and what sort of tools and supplies should one have on hand to make this a as easy as possible. I think this one is critical given that there is a lot of fear in the community that the bike is too hard to work on. As you say in your videos, not everyone should want to know how to do this, but for those that do want to, we want to know that it’s not so hard that owning the bike will be unpleasant. Squish those fears!
    7) Examples of just how much the bike can carry is something I have also not seen, other than when carrying children. I’ve accomplished a grocery shop for a full week of food, including a LOT of heavy and bulky items and it was easily managed by the GSD with the accessories. For those who want a real work-horse bike for day to day living, giving more examples of what can be accomplished would be eye opening for many. The panniers and racks can hold so much!
    8) Finally, the joy of owning this bike is something that is not talked about, and perhaps wouldn’t be possible to do without some interviews, but there are good reasons why owners love this magic beast, and it needs to be highlighted. For me, the GSD is a perfect combination of beautiful, rugged, capable and fun. It has it all.
    Reach out if I can help you in any way!

    1. wow, this is so helpful and especially useful since I know you JUST went through the shopping experience. I’m going to work on separate posts for some of your questions, and also send your feedback to the rest of our marketing team!

      Thank you!!

  4. Barb Schwendtner

    I like the table you made above, much easier than clicking on 4 different models on the website, and I like that you included the price as that is an important part of the comparison. Consider adding something about the suspension fork, maybe in the intro. I wanted to make sure I had low enough gears for hills, maybe something comparing low gear across the models. My other question was when can I get one? If they are still in short supply you may want to prepare people for that before they get their heart set on one model or color. This sentence needs an edit: The larger battery is important to me because I’m always going to my bike is running on fumes.

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