All City Nature Boy Review | Bike Shop Girl 8.7

While at $999 it is the cheapest bike in her stable I can EASILY say that “Barney”, the Nature Boy, gives my wife the most joy and happiness than any bike I have seen her on.

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Kids Bike Trailer
Family RidingFeaturedKids

The most popular ways to haul kids by bike in the United States are bike child seats and kids bike trailers. Today we will look at the options in each of these styles and the pros/cons so that you can make an educated decision for your family.

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Sock Doping

Here are the socks I’m ordering for late summer sock doping.

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Dave Nice
Colorado Cycling

I don’t typically use these pages for fundraising but this is a worthy cause. My dear friend, Dave Nice, recently had his bike/wallet stolen and could use some generous friends.

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Peak Designs The Everyday Messenger
CommutingFashion, Style and Clothing

It isn’t everyday that a camera / messenger bag gets over $1.8m of funding on Kickstarter (with 38 days to go). Perhaps it is because The Everyday Messenger bag is epic in an understated kind of way.

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Review: The Culinary Cyclist Book 9.5

You know that you’re about to experience something special when a book’s subtitle is “A Cookbook and Companion for the Good Life”. In this book Anna Brones does a magnificent job of mixing together the passion of bicycles and food. Click to read the full review.

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