Best Bike Camera Accessories in 2023

2023 was certainly a year of photo and video biking content, and 2024 is only going to be better! With all this bike content creation I found myself turning to a few consistent bike camera accessories and mounts to help get the right camera angle and shot. I’ve already recapped my current cycling camera setups here. If you are getting started with cycling cameras make sure to check out my Ultimate Bike Camera guide. Let’s dig into my top bike camera accessories and mounts I used in 2023!

Favorite Bike Handlebar Camera Mounts

Pgytech Bike Handlebar Mount

This is my most used bike camera accessory because every ride I have a camera (normally an Insta360 X3) on the handlebars documenting. I love how durable and stable it is, but quick to remove when locking up my bike. It has two ball heads to fine-tune your angle, and a strong rubber spacer to help fit different handlebar bar sizes.

GoPro Jaws Clamp

This one isn’t a true dedicated handlebar mount but my handlebar is where I mount it so it is being included here! This was new for me this fall after seeing it from Ryan Van Duzer. It allows me to quickly store a camera on my handlebars and then grab it to talk to the camera. Depending on your handlebars, I have found the GoPro Clamp is very secure and I can even take video from a camera clipped on the handlebar on the road! This is starting to replace my GoPro Shorty as my #1 handheld option and I love that I can snap it on my backpack strap or hip pack when getting off the bike.

Top Handheld Action Camera Accessories

GoPro Shorty

My 2nd most used bike camera accessory is the GoPro Shorty attached to a GoPro Hero11, Insta360 Go3, or Ace Pro for talking to the camera or to have something quick I can sit on the ground, ride past, and then pick up. I love how compact it is when all pushed together to easily throw in a snack bag on my handlebar or my jersey pocket

Insta360 Invisible Selfie Sticks

I have these in 3 lengths and use the shorter one the most, but the long carbon one makes some amazing drone-like videos!

Not sure what an invisible selfie stick is? When paired with specific cameras like the DJI Action 4 or 360º cameras the software inside removes the selfie stick and it looks like someone else is filming you!

INSTA360 Extended Selfie Stick -14 to 118'' INSTA360 Extended Selfie Stick -14 to 118''

EXTRA long carbon fiber Invisible selfie stick

03/25/2024 05:00 am GMT
Insta360 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick Insta360 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick
$24.99 $22.00

Mid-sized invisible selfie stick

03/25/2024 04:54 am GMT
Insta360 Selfie Stick 70cm Insta360 Selfie Stick 70cm
$19.99 $17.99

Short Invisible selfie stick - perfect for everyday carry and jersey pockets

03/25/2024 05:04 am GMT

GoPro 3 Way

I have a love-hate relationship with this tripod. I want to use it more, but it is like 3″ too long, and it doesn’t fit in my jersey pocket as well as I would like BUT if you want a selfie stick and tripod with a ball head it is the best option I have found.

DJI Pocket 3

This isn’t a true bike camera accessory but the form factor of this camera is winning me over because I don’t need a small tripod to make this camera work well in my hand and talking to the camera.

On-Body Bike Camera Mounts

GoPro Chest Mount

Another love-hate relationship. I wish there was a more comfortable chest mount for women but this is my current goto when riding offroad to show off the trail.

Bike Sauce Insta360 horizontal helmet or chest mount

I use this mount to turn my Insta360 X3 horizontal on my chest mount or helmet so it isn’t sticking out so far. I only use this if I need one direction of the 360 camera.

Bite Clamp

Before the GoPro Clamp, I used this one a lot. You put the clamp between your teeth and get a really nice stable mount to show off that chest angle POV. You can then store it with your camera mounted in a feedbag on your handlebars or a jersey pocket. I had high hopes for the GoPro Mini 11 paired with this but couldn’t justify the cost of the dedicated camera for an angle I don’t use a ton. I do plan on testing it out more with the Go3 if I can find a better adapter.

Insta360 GO 3 Lanyard

This is becoming a favorite to simply have recording while I’m giving instructions on how to do something like adjusting a rear derailleur. I prefer the footage out of a GoPro but I appreciate how out of the way the GO 3 is.

Biking Camera Bags

I have a lot of camera bags. Most of my content creation is done by bike, and this poses a unique set of needs including weather protection, easy access, comfortable to bike with, and having on my back for 8+ hours. The one bag I didn’t mention here is my off-road setup because I don’t have one I love yet. I’ve been using various Osprey and Camelbak mountain bike specific backpacks and hip packs. They all do fine but I would like to find something that isn’t any of the options below but still has more protection for my cameras than a hydration style backpack.

Chrome Camera Sling

If I want to go out and do some quick photo work or walk around a city, I’ve started using this bag. I haven’t dialed it in enough to give a full review, but it is pretty close to perfect for one camera body, extra batteries, my iPad mini, and maybe one action camera with a selfie stick. A tripod or jacket can be lashed on the bottom which is handy.

Topo Designs Camera Cube

I’m always surprised how much I use this but it drops easily in bike panniers or front basket bags, and the cinch string with extra fabric keeps everything nice and secure. I love the interior yellow fabric to help me see things in dark bags, and I can also throw it over my shoulder to bring it into a coffee shop.

PoCampo Aster Hip Pack

This is now discontinued but this is my go-to daily bag to hold my wallet, phone, and keys. On the bike, I carry my action cameras for easy access. I love that it isn’t simply black, has some reflective hits, and the flap with a magnet is what makes this such a perfect bag for being able to access my camera while biking. So many hip bags rely on a zipper open and close, I really love the flap!

Shimoda Explore V2 25L

My goto backpack, work bag, travel bag, laptop bag, and diaper bag. It is a camera bag, but you can remove the camera cube and carry so much stuff. The pockets on the shoulder straps are irreplaceable when you are on the move, especially on the bike. You can access your camera gear on the side quickly, or when my FX3 is built up I drop it in the top when moving between locations.

Shimoda Action X30 Women’s

Everything I wrote about the Explore V2 above, but bigger, with a roll top, and a women’s fit. If I am traveling and only want to take one bag, it is this, or if I need to carry more camera gear (2-3 bodies, multiple lenses, audio). If I want to carry one bag AND all the camera gear, I’m using the 50L. I’ve only had a reason to use that 2 times now but it is super comfy and I did bring it on board the plane 🙂

Other Camera Accessories

Bike cameras are pretty simple things, but there are some other accessories I use a ton that are worth mentioning. In no specific order:

Magic Arms and Clamps

At least one of these travels with me. They come in different lengths and clamp sizes. I use them for cameras, lights, and more.

Storage Bags

The Shimoda gear organizer holds my extra chargers, gaff tape, sharpie, cables, and extra small bits, screws, mounts, and adapters.

I keep my action cameras and all the accessories in “dopp” bags if they aren’t floating around in one of the bags above. There are many other options, but I like how long these are and soft sides so I can squish them in to random pockets, and available space in my bags.into

GoPro Windmuff

That foam sock around my GoPro really helps with noise when riding!

Batteries and Storage

Most of my batteries are kept in these sleeves. If the contacts are facing in, then it is charged, if they are facing out then I need to charge them. I don’t buy 3rd party batteries.

Looking Forward to 2024

My main goal in 2024 will be fine tuning a “template” of camera shots, microphones, and backing-up footage. I hope to spend dedicated time with each camera to dial in settings and unique shots so that I can explore more by bike and enjoy the creative process instead of always feeling behind on things.

What are you looking forward to creating in 2024? Make sure to add your comments below and tag me in your photos and videos!

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