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Places for Bike City Ranking

Places for Bikes City Ranking and Why You Should Care About It

People for Bikes recently released their Places for Bikes City Ranking results. We discuss the program and most importantly, we discuss how having a more connected bike network directly impacts local bike shop growth!
Bike Shop Girl Montview

A Glimpse of a Bike Shop Dream

There is a small glimmer of opening a bike shop in my future.

Taking the Lane – Breaking Down Gender Norms

This week on the Shift Up Podcast, we continue to dig into our Bridge the Gap series sponsored by QBP, by answering the question “How do we create a safer space in cycling by breaking down gender norms?”
Dockless Bike Share

The Truth About Dockless Bike Share

Dockless bike share (and scooters) are popping up all over the world. What is it all about? How successful and sustainable is this model and where will it be in 12 months? Tune into the latest episode with Andy Boenau to learn more.
Women In Bike Industry

Motivational Monday – Highlighting Women Working in the Bike Industry

I’m relaunching this to showcase women, trans, and gender non-conforming people that work in the bike industry and want to hear from you!

Building an Inclusive Bike Shop

In our latest podcast episode we talk with 718 Cyclery to dig into the question, "How Do We Attract and Retain Women in the Cycling Industry?"
G&O Cyclery

Running a Successful Niche Bike Shop in 2018

What is it like to open and run a niche independent bike shop in 2018? What are the high and low moments? We discuss this and more with Davey Oil from G&O Family Cyclery.
Midtail Cargo Bike Article

The Rise of the Midtail Cargo Bike

With so many midtails cargo bikes in for review we couldn't happen to ask ourselves, is there a rise of interest in this "in-between" cargo hauling bike?
Barriers for Women in Urban Cycling

The Barriers for Women in Urban Cycling

Women make up fewer than 25% of the trips taken by bicycle in the United States. What can we do to remove some the barriers for women in urban cycling? Listen to the latest Shift Up podcast for some ideas!
Bridging the Gap Series

Bridging the Gap – Achieving Gender Balance In Cycling Podcast Series

After 18 episodes we are tackling one of the more important topics we can in growing a better bike industry. Can you guess what it is?