Top Kid’s Biking Gifts They Will Love

As a mom of 3 and a previous owner of a family bike shop, I have a lot of thoughts on the perfect kids’ biking gifts. Whether you are looking for a bike gift for a birthday, holiday, or something they can earn, this kid’s biking gift list is filled with ideas!

Kids’ Biking Gift Essentials

These are the most important things I think every kid biking should have!

Quality Kid’s Bike Helmet

If you have bought a kid’s bike from me, I always ask about the helmet. How old is it, how does it fit, and does the kid like to wear it? Kids can be pretty unpredictable on two wheels and can make silly choices like going down that rocky hill. A great-fitting kid’s bike helmet can protect their head from skull fractures and protect their faces if they fly off the front.

Kid’s Bike Bells

After kid’s bike helmets, bells have to be the most fun to give. The Jellibell is the easiest to use for small hands, and the duet bell sounds so nice and personally what I use on my bikes! A quick tip on installing a kid’s bike bell – always install it on the left hand, leaving the right hand for the rear brake available in quick braking situations.

Other Favorite Kid’s Bike Accessories

The rest of the kid’s bike accessories and gifts are a bit more dependent on you knowing the kid and their bike but are all fan favorites!


The very best kids’ biking gift you can gift is your time with them on two wheels. Some of my favorite experiences as a parent have been biking to ice cream or exploring the dirt path with my kids. In Denver, there are many kid-friendly bike parks that would be a wonderful daylong adventure!

1. All products listed here I have personally used and tested. If my own kid doesn’t like them, I don’t recommend them.
2. Some links I will make a commission off of any sales purchased through those links.

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