Top 10 Kid’s Biking Gifts

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Accessorizing a bike is sometimes just as exciting and important as the initial bike purchase. For kids, it adds personality and really makes it their own. Here are a mix of the top-selling and my favorite kid’s biking gift ideas. 

Kids’ Bike Helmets

If you buy a kid’s bike from me, I ask about the helmet. How old is it, how does it fit, and does the kid like to wear it? Kids can be pretty unpredictable on two wheels and can make silly choices like going down that rocky hill. A great fitting kid’s bike helmet can protect their head from skull fractures and protect their faces if they fly off the front. Let me know in the comments below your favorite kid’s helmet – my goto are the Kali Chakra and Lazer Gekko! 

Bike Bells

Jellibell – the best kid’s bike bells ever

Who doesn’t love a good bike bell? We use these a lot as a carrot for kids. They can be distracting for kids learning to pedal but a great reward for once they master them. I also love installing them on cargo bikes so kids can do the ringing. $12-15 for a good bell. The most popular are the Jellibell twist style, the small ding dong lever, or the new Woom Vienna Bell that sounds rather beautiful.

Side-Entry Water Bottle Cages

If your kiddo has a mount for a water bottle on their bike, a standard bike cage and bottle probably won’t let them easily get the bottle in and out. I recommend the MSW Side-Entry Water Bottle Cage and a small bottle from Woom or Elite. I like the MSW bottle cage because you can switch the direction of the bottle cage so you can make the exit point be on the left side. I prefer teaching kids to use things like bells and bottles with their left hand so their right hand is available for the rear brake. (Opposite if your rear brake is your left hand like in Europe).

Blinky Lights 

Even if your kiddo doesn’t ride at night I really like having blinky lights for kids that may ride near the street. My go to lights for kids are the basic Planet Bike blinky lights ($15) and my FAVORITE is the magnetic powered Reelights that use magnets on the wheels to blink the light. They require no charging or turning on the light.

Wheel Lights

If you are riding at night or dusk, check out the Monkeylight Wheel Lights! The M204 works down a 16″ wheel and really illuminates your kid’s bike wheel and creates this glowing orb around them. 

Bags & Baskets

Bags and baskets are SO fun to add to kids’ bikes and scooters. Starting at about $15 they allow your kiddo to collect rocks, bring snacks, or hold a water bottle. My three favorite bags are the SlapBag, Banjo Brother small handlebar bag, and the new line of bike bags from Woom.  

Kid’s Bike Gloves

Long fingered gloves protect kids’ hands when they crash and make them look super rad. We sell the woom gloves and Pearl Izumi youth gloves in the store. The new woom winter gloves are also pretty nice for moderate winter riding.

Kid’s Biking Clothes

I may be falling in love with woom’s new kid’s bike clothing. Their jackets and winter hats are so darn cute! We have winter hats in stock at the store, and jackets to try on for us to order the right size for you.

Biking Books

Normalizing the bike is a very important part of getting kids excited about biking. We carry the Buddy Pegs books in the store, and I plan on making a list of my favorite kid’s bike books here soon. Comment below to add yours!


The very best kids’ biking gift you can gift is your time with them on two wheels. Some of my favorite experiences as a parent have been biking to ice cream or to explore the dirt path with my kids. In Denver, there are many kid-friendly bike parks that would be a wonderful daylong adventure!

1. All products listed here I have personally used and tested. If my own kid doesn’t like them, I don’t recommend them.
2. Some links below take you to woom’s website. I will make a commission off of any sales purchased through those links.

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