How to Start Small Business Marketing

A quick guide on getting started with small business marketing. You got this! Let me know how I can help.

Some of my most successful videos to sell products were often created from an iPhone X, with a set of wired headphones. They might not have the most views, but to the people – my community – that needed them, they were invaluable. I sold 3 x $6k cargo bikes off of a terrible photo when I overloaded my cargo bike with groceries. It didn’t get a ton of likes on Instagram, but it was the thing that pushed potential customers to buying customers and engaged community members.

The fear of likes and wasted time are what I believe are holding so many small businesses back from creating content. You tried posting to Facebook but you didn’t get the traction you expected after a month and gave up. 

Start Marketing By Helping

What is the most frequently asked question from your customers or potential buyers? In the bike shop world it could be, what’s the difference between this type of bike, helmet, or widget and another? For a coffee roaster, it could be what is your top-selling coffee and WHY?

I want you to pause and write down a few of those questions. Now, if you could create a piece of content that answered that question for 5-10 people, think about how much time it would save you and your staff. Good marketing should 1. Build your community 2. Save your time.

What’s the Best Way to Market?

What would be the best means for you to answer that question? Personally, I would recommend writing a blog or create a quick YouTube video so that search engines can find the answer. Take the photo of the two products next to each other with good lighting, in front of a big window to give good lighting. Now write down exactly how you would answer that question if a customer was in front of you. Reread it, edit it, add the photo and text to your blog, and hit publish. Have a friend or coworker read it, edit it a bit and now post it to your social channels, relevant Facebook groups, or forums. 

That’s it. That’s how you become a thriving marketer, by helping your community and saving you and your staff time by creating pieces of content for common questions. 

Now, stop reading this and start. Hit me up in the comments below if you have questions and I’ll see you in the next video!

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