The Tern Quick Haul – A simply capable e-bike

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Last week, the team at Tern Bicycles launched the new Quick Haul. This is the most affordable yet CAPABLE Bosch-powered e-bike on the market (in my humble opinion.)

As someone that works for the Tern team, sold many utility-purpose electric bikes at my bike shop and has spent a few weeks now on the Quick Haul, I wanted to give you my initial thoughts and answer some frequently asked questions. 

What is the Tern Quick Haul?

To put it simply, the Quick Haul is Tern’s take on an everyday electric bike. It has the core features that we believe are essential for an everyday e-bike – lights, fenders, durable tires, a built-in rear rack, and Bosch equipped for reliability. 

But, it is very much a Tern with the one-size fits most adjustability fitting 4’11” to 6’5”, 20” wheels, and the majority of HSD accessories work on the Quick Haul like our front racks or baskets, panniers, Clubhouse Fort Mini, etc. It is also EFBE tested for safety and reliability for the frame and fork.

If you want more nitty-gritty on this bike, testing standards, and more then check out my interview with Tern Team Captain, Josh Hon

Tern Quick Haul Models

Tern Quick Haul D8

Tern Quick Haul D8 $2,999

Bosch Active Line Plus Class 1 (Assists up to 20mph)
Shimano 8 speed drivetrain
Color: Tabasco
Weight: 50.2 lbs

Tern Quick Haul P9

Tern Quick Haul P9 $3,299

Bosch Performance Sport Class 3 (Assists up to 28mph)
Shimano 9 speed drivetrain
Color: Merlot & Blue Grey
Weight: 50.7 lbs

Important Details

  • In the US, there are 2 models
  • In Canada, there will only be the D8/Class 1 option
  • The handlebar is standard 31.8, so is the stem
  • The handlebar moves up and down with a Speedlifter that adjusts with a quick release, super easy!
  • A super long seatpost to fit 4’11” to 6’5”. Note, that you’ll need to trim it to get it all the way to the shortest position compared to the telescopic seatpost found on the GSD, HSD or Vektron
  • Quick release wheels front and rear
  • No frame lock but one can be mounted on the front or back
  • It does stand vertically but won’t be as compact due to the handlepost not folding out of the way
  • The position is much sporier than the GSD Gen 2 or HSD. In Europe we call this a “trekking fit”

Tern Quick Haul Accessories

One of the best parts of the Quick Haul is that most of the accessories we have been designing for years will work on the Quick Haul. Most of the HSD accessories, and the new Clubhouse Fort Mini or Doghouse Mini systems will work perfectly well. In North America, the only parts that won’t work from the HSD will be the footrests and the Cache Box. Just remember, the Quick Haul is designed for a smaller child on the back when looking at accessories. 

Tern Sidekick Stirrups

Speaking of Footrests 

The Quick Haul doesn’t have any type of additional footrests that integrate with the bike, so our accessory team designed the Sidekick Stirrups. Recommended passenger height and weight: 110+ cm (3’7″+), 18 – 45 kg (40 – 99 lb)

MSRP: $60

Tern Glovebox

Replace that Center Console

The Glovebox has to be my favorite part of the Quick Haul. Seriously. A place to quickly throw my wallet, phone, GoPro, whatever.
MSRP $65

Tern Branding Board

Put Your Name On It

The Branding Board. Perfect for advertising your business, rental fleet, band name, or kid’s coloring board.
MSRP $20 

Who is the Quick Haul for? 

The Quick Haul is the first e-bike in the Tern lineup that I feel comfortable saying I want everyone in my life to try. In the past, all of our e-bikes have been focused on solving a problem. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but a niche thing:

The Tern Vektron – a best in class folding e-bike

The Tern GSD – a cargo bike that reinvented what people thought a cargo bike could be, and can still haul 2 kids with tons of accessories

The Tern HSD – a daily hauler, a compact cargo bike with premium features like the folding handlepost, adjustable Andros stem, and Easy-Step design.

Now, the Quick Haul? The problem we are solving is an e-bike that is capable for everyday life without being TOO much. It isn’t too much money. It isn’t too much too heavy-duty. It is the multitool of e-bikes. You can do a lot of things with it, but it isn’t going to be dedicated to one thing. 

Let me give you a few “use-case” scenarios I see this bike fitting:

  1. Literally, anyone that is interested in an e-bike for using around town should start with this as the first test ride. It may not be the bike you settle on, but it will show you what an e-bike is capable of while being very easy to ride.
  2. You want to be able to carry a bit more stuff but you don’t need to haul a lot of stuff daily (that’s the HSD or GSD)
  3. You want a daily commuter and to be able to carry your smaller child sometimes (but not all the time)
  4. You want an e-bike to share with someone in your family, home, or work
  5. You don’t need the more premium features found on the HSD
  6. You want a lighter but still very capable e-bike (this starts at 50.4 lbs with an 8 lb battery included in the weight)
  7. You want a sportier riding bike than the GSD or HSD

The Quick Haul vs the HSD

The most common question is how this compares to other bikes in our lineup and why we would make something so close because it will “steal sales from the HSD or Vektron”. To that last point, I’m thankful that we are making a bike that is more in line with what someone truly needs and that they are still buying a Tern. 

Now comparing the Quick Haul to the HSD or other bikes in our lineup. Here are some handy charts that Tern made and I’m borrowing (thanks, Angela!)

Carrying Capacity & Weight

If you are looking to haul stuff daily (HSD) or a bigger kids/adult then the GSD or HSD is for you. 

It isn’t simply how much weight you can carry, but also how heavy the bike is. The Quick Haul is 50.2/50.7 lbs with a battery. The HSD starts at 56.7 lbs for the P9 model with the battery.

Riding Position and Storing 

Overall, the Quick Haul will be sportier. The seat tube is going to be less laid back than the HSD and GSD Gen 2. The stem can be lifted up and down but you can’t adjust the handlebar reach as easily as the GSD and HSD with the Andros Stem. Additionally, you can’t FOLD the handlepost out of the way as you can with the Physis Handlepost. This could be very important depending on your storage or transportation needs. 

The GSD and HSD are Premium Bikes with Premium Parts

In North America, the Quick Haul is focused on getting more people on e-bikes. 

We have removed the bells and whistles that include a higher price tag like internally geared hubs, Gates Belt, suspension seatpost, or any higher end Tern parts like the Andros Stem, Physis Handlepost or Telescopic Seatpost. If those things interest you, are needed for your day-to-day life, then the HSD is probably for you. 

The Quick Haul Will Change Lives

tern quick haul electric bike decal

The Quick Haul is something we have been working on at Tern for a while. As silly as this sounds, it is much easier to build a premium-level bike with a high price tag than it is to build an everyday bike as affordably as possible. 

I believe the product team knocked this out of the park. Not cutting any corners, but making a true bike for everyday life that isn’t too much bike. 

This is the bike that will set the new standard of what an electric bike should offer and what people should expect. Of course, you want to pick up groceries or carry a small child on the back. Of course, you want to be able to share it with a spouse or workmate. Of course, it should have a lower center of gravity due to the smaller wheels and battery placement. 

This truly is the e-bike that will replace many car trips, and maybe make it so more people can have a car-light lifestyle. 

Learn More at

Disclaimer: I work for Tern, but owned an electric bike shop and am very honest and opinionated about my thoughts on biking. Bikes are due to arrive in North America in Q3 2022

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  1. In one of your videos, you mention some super strong, theft resistant(?) zip ties to lock your panniers to your rack. Do you have a link for those? Thanks.

  2. Hi is there a guide somewhere which explains the available HSDs/Quick Haul currently/about to come on the market in the UK and the differences between them? I am getting really confused with all the options. Looking to buy new not secondhand. Thank you.

  3. We just sold our first Tern Quick Haul from our shop (in London), it’s a really good bike! I actually think it’s the favourite of our range, and it was the first bike I grabbed to give people a go when they had never tried an electric bike before.

    I did wonder if it will eat the HSD’s chips, but your article makes a good argument for the existence of both 🙂 Gav @

  4. Any recommendations for which bike would handle best with a small kid on the back on dirt/gravel with the occasional prairie dog hole? 20% of the route I’m scoping out to daycare is unpaved.

  5. I’m looking at getting one! How easily do you think I could get it on and off an elevator every day? I’m living in an apartment

  6. Can you share your thoughts on the pros and cons of using stirrups vs panniers as foot protection for children?

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