The Arclight Smart Bike Pedals Got Better – Archlight Pro Flat Pedals

ArcLight Smart Bike Pedals

These are the ArcLight city biking pedals, with smart lights. They know which way is forward, giving you a white light in the front and red light in the back no matter what, and go to sleep when they aren’t in use. I found they add a pretty nice level of safety to the sides of my bikes in the dark and may be something you’ll be interested in.

A couple of weeks ago I reached out to the company that makes them, RedShift, for some clarifying questions as I finished reviewing the original pair that I had backed on Kickstarter, and they said -” hey, Arleigh, we have a newer version coming out with more traction – do you want to try them?” Well, my only complaint with the first model was the traction so I said heck yes and they just showed up today. 

Before I install them on a bike I want to show you how they work, and what makes them different from the original ones. 

How Do Arclight Smart Pedals Work?

The basics of all Arclight pedals are that you have a pedal shell, and then 4 rechargeable lights that slide in. They are able to tell the direction with a magnet that is inside the pedal, which also holds the light inside. After riding the original versions for a few hundred miles, I had no problems with the lights sliding out. The other feature that makes them pretty smart is that once you turn them on after installation, they will go to sleep when not in use, waking up when the bike is moved making them a nice, thoughtless, but amazing safety product to add to your favorite city bike. 

Run and Charge Time

I found that on the slower blink setting, I get about 30 hours of run time, with slightly less time when it is cold outside. 

The charging setup is pretty nice. Sure it’s annoying to pull out 4 different lights, but they just pull out with a tug, and then you plug them into the USB hub provided with the pedals. The charge time is 2 hours.

New Pedals from Redshift

I mentioned these are the new model because they have a MTB version, the Pro Flat, and an SPD version called ProClipless launching this week. 

The new Pro Flat versions have replaceable pins to grip the bottom of your shoes a bit better. A couple of pins and the tool to replace them comes with the pedals. Now, these may be overkill for some folks, if you are wearing dress shoes, they will scuff up the bottoms. If you are new to riding if you get caught in the shin with these they will draw blood, but if you are riding in all conditions, these may provide the traction you need.

Conclusion – Are they worth it?

This isn’t a formal review yet, I would like a couple of thousand miles to know how the pedals hold up but I do have some thoughts.

The Arclight City pedals are $140 and fairly heavy – 706 g compared to my other favorite city biking pedals the MSW Thump at 368 g. I’m a big fan of adding lights in the right places to me and my family’s bikes. I think for a bike that is ridden often at night, $140 is worth it. RedShift is a small, but good company with great customer service. 

I would love to hear from you – what do you think about the pedals, and are they worth it to you? Let me know in the comments.

Until next week, stay well, stay good, and remember to bike more and worry less.

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  1. I have metal Shimano platform pedals with pins, and while they offer superb grip, I’m a klutz and I’ve caught my shins more times than I care to count on the pins while wheeling my bike around obstacles in my garage or around the car in the driveway. I wanted the traction in rain, but I’m not sure the scars on my shins are worth it. Thanks for the review, the original Arc Light pedals + grip tape may be just what the doctor ordered.

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