Strider Sport Balance Bike Review

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Has there been another biking device in the last 20 years that has helped get more kids on bikes than the Strider balance bikes? 

The Strider Sport balance bike is made affordably and basically indestructible as it lives its life teaching kids how to balance and find confidence on two wheels. This is typically a child’s first intro to biking starting at around 18 months or 2 years until they are ready for pedals, it lasts and will probably be passed down from kid to kid.

Strider Sport Balance Bike Details

MSRP: for $110-120
Colors: Green, blue, pink, red, orange, yellow, and sometimes limited edition colors which cost more.
Sizing: We look at a child’s inseam measurement. The Strider Sport fits a child with an inseam of 12-20 in. The lowest inseam of a balance bike I’ve seen is a woom 1 at 10”. The Strider Sport does come with a 2nd longer seatpost in case your child is taller, or you want to get more life out of the bike.

Unless you purchase from a local retailer, the bike will come boxed but is very simple to build. I even have a handy video showing you how to get it done.

Pros of the Strider Sport

  1. Availability – These balance bikes are found at big box stores to local bike shops. There is a good chance a neighbor has one in a garage you could try.
  2. Pricing – $110 you’ll get a lot of life out of the bike, being able to pass it on to many children and probably resell it for 50% of your purchase price.
  3. Bombproof – This is a low thrills bike. It has a pad on the handlebar, quick release for adjusting the handlebar and seat. The tires are hard foam, and the wheels are plastic. If something does break, it is easy and affordable to fix.
  4. Weight – at 6.7 lbs this is pretty easy for kids to pick up if they drop it, and not hard for them to control or get up to speed.

Cons of the Strider Sport

  1. Foam tires aren’t for everyone – My son rides in loose dirt and gravel where a pneumatic tire with air in it is helpful. You’ll find these types of tires on the Woom 1 or Prevelo balance bikes.
  2. Lack of Hand Brakes – Another more advanced thing, but teaching kids how to use hand brakes could be very important if you intend to have a first pedal bike with hand brakes. Personally, I think hand brakes for balance biking kids are important as they are used to having their feet ready for balancing and you take that away if you want them to use a coaster brake with their feet.


At the end of the day, there are two balance bikes I reliably recommend: the Strider Sport and the Woom 1. 

The main reason you may want a Woom 1 is due to the lower seat height to get your kids started earlier, the pneumatic tires, and hand brakes for really getting a kid prepared for their first pedal bike. 

What are your thoughts on balance bikes? What other options should I look at and test? 

I hope this was helpful for your balance bike shopping. Thanks for reading!

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