Shifting Streets During COVID-19 – Bike Here Podcast

Shift Streets COVID-19 Bike Here Podcast
Shift Streets COVID-19 Bike Here Podcast

In this Bike Here podcast, we are talking about “Shifting Streets” during COVID-19 and how the landscape of our shared use available space was reimagined to make room for biking, walking, eating, and more.

Listen in as we talk with Dr. Tab Combs, Research Associate in City & Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina. We discuss what she has learned over the last year of collecting data and stories from around the world of people shifting their streets and communities to be more people-focused during COVID-19.

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Please visit the submission form to share information about COVID-19 mobility responses. Data entered via the submission form will be visible on the sheet below within one week and will be available for public use. If you would like to comment on any of the actions described here, or would like to assist in verification of the data, please email

If you have photographs you are willing to share that show these efforts in action, please consider submitting them to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Image Library.

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