Pinhead Locks for Tern GSD and HSD Electric Bikes

Tern and Pinhead Locks have partnered to create two unique locking options for your Tern GSD and HSD electric bikes to add security to your small parts on the bike. 

The Pinhead Seatpost Clamp Lockset for Tern GSD and HSD

This package includes matching Locks for Upper and Lower Seatpost Clamps and retails for $80. Buy Here

The Pinhead Wheel Lock Set for Tern GSD S10

This package includes matching Wheel Locks for Front and Rear Wheels and also retails for $80. Buy Here

These parts will add functionality and security to your Tern bikes to help you bike more and worry less. Currently only available in the US at your local Tern dealer or online.

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1 thought on “Pinhead Locks for Tern GSD and HSD Electric Bikes”

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for your useful articles and videos! I had a question about a front thru axel lock for the HSD. It seems like these are for the GSD only? My HSD P9 Perf uses a Suntour MOBIE-A32-20 front fork. I think the thru axle is a 15mm x 158 but I’m not sure if the pinhead set works for this – seems like it’s for the GSD only – do you know locking solution works for the HSD? Thanks!

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