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We are a small yet mighty Denver area bike shop focused on family biking, cargo bikes, and kids' bikes. From what we know, we are the only bike shop world with a dedication to family and especially kids. The owner and operator, Arleigh Greenwald, is an expert in service, electric bikes, cargo bikes & kids’ biking with over 18+ years as a professional mechanic. We hope to create a service-minded family bike shop that treats you and your bike with the utmost care while inspiring you to leave the car at home. 


This bicycle shop is for our family and yours.
We are motivated by the love for our children 
And to create a better world for them.
We believe the bicycle is a change agent no matter who you are,
And it is the solution to many of the problems of the world.
We aim to provide you with the best biking experience,
Setting the bar high while removing social and physical barriers.
We are creating the change we want to see, 
so our community is a safe and inviting place to raise our families.
This is Bike Shop Girl.


For the past 15 years, Arleigh Greenwald has been dancing with the bike industry. Her first job was installing kickstands and changing flat tires at a bike shop in Annapolis, Maryland. Since then, she has either been working in bike shops, managing brands or as a marketing consultant. In 2010 she created Bike Shop Girl as a website and online community focused on empowering women and families in cycling. Helping fill a void for a much-needed voice educating and advocating for women and novice cyclists in the industry. In 2018, Arleigh started the very popular bike industry podcast - Shift Up. Through many interviews and hours talking with some of the brightest minds helping get more people on bikes, she decided it was time to take action and create the bike shop she always wanted for her community.  

Opening in the fall of 2018, our family is opening a family and transportation-focused store with the mission of "Connecting families and communities by bike."