Meet the Woom 4 20″ Kid’s Bike – The best 20″ kid’s bike available?

This week we are looking at the Woom 4 which is a 20″ kid’s bike with 8 speeds. Weighing in at 16 pounds it is one of the lightest kids bikes available! Is it a bike for your kid? Watch the video above or read the article below to find out more!

Woom 4 Bike Details

  • MSRP $479
  • Includes 8-speed shifting (grip or trigger shifters available)
  • 16 pounds (crazy light)
  • Adjustable stem to rotate the handlebars away from your kid as they grow
  • Specially designed accessories like a rear rack, fenders, frame bags, and more are designed for each woom size
  • 5 colors available – red, yellow, blue, purple, green

Is the Woom 4 Kid’s Bike Worth It?

Many parents are on the hunt for the perfect 20” kid’s bike. Potentially this is the first geared bike that will give their kid the ability to go further, more efficiently. The Woom 4 is one of the best-reviewed kid’s 20” bikes on the market currently. In this article and the video above I’m going to dig into the features of the Woom 4 and help you decide if it is for you.

I have sold dozens of Woom 4 and it is ranked in my top 3 all-around 20” kid’s bikes next to the Prevelo Alpha 3 and the Cannondale Quick. The Woom 4 is 479 dollars and weighs in around 16 lbs. Other popular kids bikes in this category include the Woom OFF 4, the mountain bike cousin of the Woom 4, which weighs in at 17.2 lbs, the Prevelo Alpha 3 at 19 lbs, the Cannondale Quick at 20 lbs, and the Cleary Owl 3 speed is 22 lbs. 

The Woom 4 is light and weight is one of the key details of kids bikes that are often overlooked. Some kids’ bikes weigh more than 1/2 of the kid’s weight, can you imagine riding a bike that heavy?

Some of the other key dimensions I like to talk about are minimum seat height, which is  22.5″ and standover of the top tube which is 20″. Ensuring your child can safely stand over the bike when they come off the saddle, and touch the ground when they are seated, is important.

The Woom 4 comes with 8 speed SRAM shifting. It comes stock with grip shift but when ordered you can ask for trigger shifters. I don’t have a preference either way.
It also comes with Woom’s easy to use kickstand which is a really nice feature to help kids keep this bike from being dropped on the garage floor.

The features that really win me over on this bike other than the weight is the adjustable stem to help make this bike last longer by rotating the stem forward and away from your child. Additionally, the available accessories designed for this bike like rear rack and fenders make this a functional commuter bike for a kid that wants to ride to school, the library, or maybe just around town without splashing themselves in the puddles and carrying a backpack all the time.

Is the Woom 4 worth the hype and money? If you bike a ton or your child is petite, this is one of the lightest 20” geared kids bikes around. I love the additional accessories and rooms really do keep their value. They never go on sale so you can often resell them for 70-80% of your purchase price. You really need to weigh your goals of the bike, your budget, and if it will increase your kid’s enjoyment of biking.

Chances are if read this article then your kid’s interest in biking is very important to you!

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*Disclaimer: I make a commission if you purchase from the links above. I personally love the woom bikes and only recommend products my family has used and loves.

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