Lumos Ultra Smart E-Bike Helmet: First Impressions

Lumos Ultra E-Bike Helmet First Impressions

This weekend an early delivery came from Lumos Helmets, the new Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet.

Earlier this year I backed their Firefly smart bike light Kickstarter and towards the end of the campaign, there was an opening to order the new Ultra E-Bike helmet for the first 150 people. What attracted me to this helmet over their standard Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet was the NTA 8776 e-bike helmet certification (better protection at higher speeds), the face shield, and additional side lights.

Lumos Ultra Smart E-Bike Helmet
$249.95 $199.95

Rated for faster e-bikes, built-in lights that sync with phone and Firefly lights

Amazon Lumos
03/25/2024 05:28 am GMT

Lumos Ultra Smart E-Bike Helmet Key Features

  • 530g for the M/L
  • E-bike helmet rated up to 27 mph
  • MIPS
  • Flip down visor for eye protection
  • Integrated side lights with turn signals in the visor
  • Turn signals with remote
  • Brake lights with optional remote upgrade
  • Change light modes with Lumos app
  • Claimed activity sync with Strava and Apple Health – this feature was turned off for me with no ETA from Lumos
  • LEDs:
    Front: 30 White LEDs
    Front Left: 13 yellow + 13 white
    Front Right: 13 yellow + 13 white
    Rear: 64 Red LEDs
  • Battery: 1300mAh rechargeable, 10 hours of run time, 3 hours of charge time
  • 22 Vents
  • The battery and lights do not seem to be replaceable which is a big deal for me
  • Pricing? $229 Mips $199 Non-Mips

Take a look at my first impressions of the new helmet in my latest video and let me know what thoughts or questions you have while I test this!

Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet Conclusion

There is very limited information about this helmet. The only webpage I have found talking about the Lumos Ultra E-bike helmet is here. It seems like they were testing the market with their Kickstarter add-on. Also, knowing the bike industry right now they are probably trying to balance pricing with the changes in the market. Is there enough interest as the bike boom quiets down? Have their suppliers and shippers stabilized their pricing? These are all speculations, but as someone that deals with this daily at Tern, I do get that it is a hard time for a small brand to launch a totally new product.

Lumos Discount Code

If you are in the market for a smart bike helmet then go buy the Lumos Ultra E-Bike Helmet and use BIKESHOPGIRL at checkout for a discount! If you aren’t needing the fully connected setup, check out my current all-around favorite city bike helmet with lights, the Nutcase Vio.

Disclaimer: This is a reader-supported website, some links above are affiliate links and I will make a commission if you purchase through them. I purchased this helmet through a Kickstarter and this article and video were not paid for in any way by the company.

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5 thoughts on “Lumos Ultra Smart E-Bike Helmet: First Impressions”

  1. Hi. What became of this? I’m specifically hoping for a Lumos Ultra with NTA 8776, but it looks like there’s no info on this helmet anywhere other than the one webpage you noted above. Did you ever receive a helmet? Thanks!

      1. Thanks! I missed your video the first time around and had only seen the text, so I wasn’t sure if you actually had the helmet in hand. Interesting helmet. The information from Lumos is MIA, so I wonder if they’ve pulled the project for some reason. Who knows? Thank again.

  2. Oh I was soooo excited to get this helmet – I told everyone about how many lives it’s going to save. It was great for 7 months but then stopped working. Still under warranty so I thought it would be fine but NO after a zillion emails back and forth where they kept asking me the same questions I threw it in the trash. No phone # to call – DON’T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

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