Flying with a Bike for Free

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I walk through how I pack my bike to check as luggage so my bike flies for free. This folding bike is designed to fly nice and easily in a specially designed, easy-to-use suitcase.

00:00 Intro
00:15 Checked Bike Bag & Carry On Bag
01:02 Tern Airporter Slim Bike Suitcase
01:27 TSA 007 Luggage Lock
01:56 Accessories
03:19 Fend Folding Bike Helmet
04:02 Apple AirTag
04:52 Unboxing the Bike
05:47 Installing Accessories
06:18 Conclusion

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2 thoughts on “Flying with a Bike for Free”

  1. Thanks for your video on the Tern Slim bike suitcase and flying with your bike. Before I spend $300—I have one question. I recently purchased a TERN BYB 8 speed bike. And it looks like you also used the Slim bike suitcase to pack a BYB. Right? I just wanna make sure that the BYB 8 will fit into the Slim suitcase. Thanks for letting me know. Warmly, Rich

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