Design a Smart Helmet with the Lumos Nyx City Smart Biking Helmet

Lumos has delivered MULTIPLE helmets this year, all with some type of lighting that syncs with their Firefly lights. (See all reviews and coverage here.) Today, Lumos teased out a new city biking helmet called the Nyx, a more chic version of their bike helmets with integrated lights.

Announced on their medium blog, they show some samples of the Nyx and are asking for the community to submit designs for $1,000.

Lumos Nyx Smart Helmet Details

There are a few standout details on this new Nyx helmet that piqued my interest enough to write this article:

Kickstarter Special

It’s coming to Kickstarter “later this year”, and teased out this announcement to show people how to make a design for the helmet with the chance of winning $1,000. Once the Kickstarter launches you’ll have the chance to vote on your favorite design. Worth mentioning that the Kickstarter launch price is unknown at this point.

This is a pretty unique way to gain interest and email signups for a future Kickstarter. Lumos has launched several very successful Kickstarter campaigns and it is great to see them try different launch techniques to keep things interesting.

Integrated Lighting

This city biking helmet has lights integrated into the brim and back of the helmet. If they work like most Lumos helmets, the lights will turn into turn signals using an additional remote or an app on your phone, and brake lights. This is no longer a unique feature thanks to companies like Unit 1 chasing at Lumos’ heels, but the huge value prop to me with Lumos is the integration of those light functions with their Firefly lights that can be mounted elsewhere on your body and bike.

User-Replaceable Battery System

One of my biggest headaches for 99% of helmets with lights is the long-term waste they cause due to the integrated battery. Lumos claims this has a user-replaceable battery system that will make me feel much better about recommending it to others.

Other Things to Note

There isn’t a ton of information about the actual helmet in the medium post but it looks like it should have a Fidlock magnetic buckle, and their new “inclusive” fitting retention system that I’ve been testing out on the Lumos Ultra Fly helmet. I’m very interested to hear about the weight compared to something like Thousand helmets as this has better lighting built-in and has the same look.

To get started creating designs, head to the Nyx Configurator. If you want to see what other helmets they offer, go check out and use “BIKESHOPGIRL” at check out for a discount.

What do you think about this more chic, stylish, helmet? Will you try it out or submit a design? Let me know in the comments!

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