Bikes for Business Basics

The concept of #BikesForBusiness was something I had seen great success with before COVID. Helping local businesses of all sizes see the financial and sustainable business benefits of using bikes over an automobile. The idea isn’t new, who delivered newspapers by bike years ago?!

Benefits of Bikes for Business

Financial – A cargo bike fully outfitted is much more affordable than a van

Speed – In dense areas, we are finding that it can be much faster and easier to get to places faster, skip finding parking, and pull up right to your destination

Staffing – Insurance and training have much lower barriers to riding a bike with skill

Storage – Keeping a handful of bikes in your lobby after hours is much easier than paying costly parking fees for cars or vans

Local Incentives – There are many towns and cities testing out cargo bike pilots that your business could be a part of with minimum investment from your side

Sustainability – Some towns (London) are requiring the curbing of emissions, additionally businesses are starting to really look at their carbon footprint

Marketing / PR – Hopefully you are looking at Bikes for Business for one of the above reasons, but the marketing and PR opportunities are endless if you do it right

Enjoyment – Riding a bike is fun!

Popular Examples of Bikes for Business Use Cases

Delivery – Quick delivery for fleets, or small businesses like bakery and coffee roasters

Hospitality – Bike fleets for rental or loaner

Trade Labor – Electricians, mobile mechanics, chimney sweeps

Market Booths

Film and Photo Rigs

Childcare Transport

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