The 4 Bike Accessories Everyone Needs

Whether you just got a new bike or want to bike more often, let’s talk about the four key accessories I think every bike owner should have. This is a starting point and as someone starts riding we will layer on accessories specific to their need. 

Scroll to the bottom to watch the video if that is your preference!

First thing to buy after a bike

A helmet. Budget from $45 – 100 for a good helmet with some different types of features. In the video, I reference my favorite city bike helmets mostly from Kali and Lazer. 

The second thing to buy

A good floor pump. If you ride a few times a week you should be pumping up your tires once a week. This helps prevent flats, makes your bike more efficient, and makes the tires last longer. 

The next thing

Some type of bag to carry your stuff on the bike. I’m a big fan of Slap Bags, seat bags, and “bento” top tube style bags. All range from $15-35 and can carry your phone, keys, snacks, all the snacks.

The final bike accessory for your list

Lights. Most of the electric bikes I sell come with lights but it is always nice to have blinky lights on during the day and good bright light for night riding helps you safer and more confident on the bike. 

This article is part of my weekly bike tips series, view all my biking tips here.

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