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Are you thinking about buying a new bike? Maybe you are weighing the options of buying a new bike vs used. In this episode, we are talking with my friend Mackenzie Hardt about our top bike buying tips.


Today’s episode is sponsored by Kryptonite. For over 45 years, Kryptonite has been your high-quality bike lock provider. One of the most important things about bicycle locks is using them to lock your bike properly! I hear often as a bike shop owner that while a customer used a great bike lock, they didn’t lock the right parts of their bike or check what they were locking it to. Kryptonite has a great series of how-to instructions, and tips to help ensure your bike will be where you left it. You can see these tips right on Kryptonite’s website visit Kryptonite’s “Proper Bike Locking”.

Episode Show Notes

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