A Glimpse of a Bike Shop Dream

It doesn’t make much sense to be publishing this BUT in the slim chance this works out, I want this to be documented for history sake.

There is a small glimmer of opening a bike shop in my future. Whew.

I say a small glimmer because I submitted a letter of interest to a location. I don’t know if the owner will want us or if our offer was reasonable enough in the minds but the location is perfect. Close to our house in east Denver, Colorado and 30 feet from my children’s school. The space is a corner unit on a main bike corridor to the major Anschutz medical campus.

The area is in need of a friendly bike shop, heck most of Denver is need of a family-focused and inclusive bike shop. I’m in need of making a bike shop focused on getting more people on bikes. More families, more women, and creating that inclusive bike shop that makes everyone feel welcome to spend time in for a while.

I’m picturing city, electric, kid, and cargo bikes. A calendar of events with a store focused on getting more the 60% of “interested but concerned” people on bikes.

The mission and goals sound simple but will be very unique in the making. A rolling list of barriers we need to help overcome for our community, and probably your community too, in order to make biking more attainable for more people.

At this point, there are too many unknowns but the business plan(s) is drafted and the potential brands have been contacted. Fingers crossed that we can make this happen!

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