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Fat tire wheelie courtesy of Chris

Frostbike–A bicycle non-professional at a bicycle industry trade show

…my partner (owner of Loose Nuts Cycles) and I flew to Minneapolis so that he could attend Frostbike 2013–QBP’s annual conference and trade show.  I originally signed up because I have some family in the city and wanted to visit with them, but I was also curious about what went on at bicycle industry gatherings.  I’m in public health, so I’m used to peer-reviewed abstracts, break out sessions, suits, and networking events…

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QBP Logo

The BIG News

…. This is the bike industry right? Officially I am the new South East Outside Rep for Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) Who is QBP? It is the company behind every bike shop in America. Those parts, tires, wheels in your local shop were probably ordered from QBP. QBP is also the makers of the brands like : Salsa Cycles         Surly Bikes All City Cycles   Civia Cycles   Foundry Cycles QBP is also the exclusive distribut…

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Frostbike - Feb

Frostbike Introduction

…ation and so on. What is so unique about this is that for a good amount of it, it isn’t about product we (QBP) sells, it is about making the bicycle dealer more successful and profitable. Finally it is also often used as a stepping stones for brands that QBP solely distributes or owns to launch at. The much anticipated 2013 Ridley Cyclocross will be shown off later this weekend, the official US launch of Campy’s EPS groups and several…

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Cold Weather RIding

How to Dress for a Cold Bike Ride to a Concert

This guest post is by Lindsay Piper of QBP. Man, my boyfriend is the coolest.  Me: doot doot doot, working away.  BF: Guess what? I got tickets to Polica tonight.  Me: Whaat?  OMGAWESOMEYAY Here’s the thing, this conversation took place in early December in Minneapolis.  The concert was to take place at a concert venue called Mill City Nights, which is in downtown Minneapolis.  Well on a weekend, parking is a pain, and there’s the whole problem…

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