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Fat tire wheelie courtesy of Chris 28 Feb ’13

Frostbike–A bicycle non-professional at a bicycle industry trade show

...y Bikes party (via a party bus called the Night Rider) and have beer- and

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QBP Logo 9 Nov ’11

The BIG News

It has been in the works for four months. Countless phone calls, questioning,

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9 Nov ’11

QBP logo

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10 Nov ’11

QBP Logo

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Frostbike - Feb 17 Feb ’12

Frostbike Introduction

Starting last night through Sunday I am at a tradeshow called Frostbike. Much of my

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Jonny Sundt 18 Sep ’12

Interbike ’12: Day One Recap

Keep up to date with the Bike Shop Girl coverage of the 2012 Interbike Trade

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