Xtracycle Hooptie RFA

Collections: Cargo Bike Gear

The RFA Hooptie is the newest additions to our line-up of Junior Co-Pilot accessories. Similar to the innovative and classic longtail Hooptie, this version maintains all the features that make the Hooptie the gold standard for kid carrying.

With its dual rail design for maximum safety to its multiple width settings, this is the perfect addition to your RFA for kids both in an out of Yepp seats.  It can accommodate two kids in or out of seats and you can add the MagicCarpet for extra padding. We’ve also added water bottle mounts on the front and rear of the RFA Hooptie so you kids have easy access to hydration.

  • This Hooptie was designed exclusively for our RFA bike.
  • If you are looking for a Hooptie for any of our other models, go here: Hooptie LT2