Xtracycle EdgeRunner Swoop - Non-Electric Cargo Bike

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Starting in 2019, all Xtracycle cargo bikes will come with the Kickback 3 kickstand, hence the increase and why they may be a bit more $$ than competitors bike that doesn't come with a kickstand or it isn't a very nice one.

Key Highlights of the Xtracycle EdgeRunner Swoop

• Fits smaller riders than the EgeRunner Classic (see details below)

• Available in Black Out (matte black) or Zone Blue (shiny blue)

• High-quality Chromoly steel means a comfortable ride 

• Shimano disc brakes and high-end mountain bike drivetrain

• Thru-Axle Front Fork to make the front end stiffer and the wheel stronger

• Tested to exceed the rigorous ISO4210 global safety standard and must score a perfect 100/100 in the eagle eyes of a quality-control expert with a pass/fail checklist dozens of entries long.

• High-quality Chromoly steel means a comfortable ride 

• Comprehensive Super-Modular Accessory System - No other cargo-bike or utility-cycling company offers such a wide array of accessories or makes sure that its systems are as backward-compatible as possible.

Swoop or Classic Xtracycle EdgeRunner? Which one?

You can choose from two Edgerunner frame shapes. The big difference is what we call “step-over height”—how high you need to step to get on and off the bike.

Diagram showing the difference between the Edgerunner Swoop and Classic frame shapes

The Swoop is our newest frame design, with a lower “step-over height,” so it’s easier to get on and off, even when the bike is fully loaded. That said, the Classic was also designed with a relatively low step-over height, compared with many other bikes. The Classic will also be a better fit for taller folks. (See our sizing table below. ) And, yes, to some degree the choice is an aesthetic one.

Xtracycle EdgeRunner Swoop and Classic Sizing

Frame/Size Inseam Height (women) Height (men)
Swoop S 26" to 30.4" 4'9" to 5'7" 4'8" to 5'6"
Swoop M 29.6" to 34" 5'5" to 6'3" 5'4" to 6'2"
Swoop L 31.4" to 35.8" 5'9" to 6'7" 5'8" to 6'5"
Classic S 27.6" to 31.9" 5'1" to 5'10" 5'0" to 5'9"
Classic M 31.2" to 35.5" 5'9" to 6'6" 5'8" to 6'5"
Classic L 33" to 37.3" 6'1" to 6'10" 5'11" to 6'9"

Why Xtracycle Cargo Bikes?

We started riding the Xtracycle Freeradical in 2008 and after testing DOZENS of longtail bikes we can confidently say that Xtracycle makes the best one. No corners cut, safe, durable, great riding, and what else would you want from a bike that carries your most precious cargo?

About Xtracycle

Founded in 1998, Xtracycle invented the modern cargo bike. Since then, they've worked relentlessly to create superior bicycles that feature an innovative modular accessory system, so you can easily adapt your Xtracycle to your unique lifestyle.

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