woom 2 - 14" Kid's Bike

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The woom 2 with 14" wheels is our goto first pedal bike. Our daughter started riding at 3, and we have taught dozens of kids to pedal a bike thanks to this specific bike.

We have demo bikes of the woom 2 in the store for you to try. We typically only have 1 or 2 built and ready to buy in limited colors. Call ahead if you need a specific color!

Weight: 11.35 lb
Child's Height: 37" - 43"
Important Notes: A freewheel kit is available if you do not want a coaster brake. If transitioning from a balance bike we recommend to take the pedals off initially to use it as a balance bike so they can get used to a bigger bike. Our price INCLUDES this! Watch the video below to learn why.

It's all about the little things on the woom 2 that has won us over. First, it begins with a very lightweight design of 11.35 lbs, a slightly more upright position, lower bottom bracket so kids can reach the ground quickly, a color-coded right-hand brake to teach kids to use that one first, a steering limiter so that the handlebars aren't able to spin around, and a gorgeous chainguard to keep fingers and pants out of the chain.
  • Ready to pedal: The 14” Woom 2 provides an easy transition from balance to pedal bike.
  • Easy to learn: The beginner-friendly geometry is the centerpiece of the bike. It is designed to make riding bikes child's play. Teach your child to ride without training wheels!
  • Safety: Front & rear hand V-brake plus coaster/foot brake. Our color-coded proprietary brake levers are designed specifically for children. A separate freewheel kit is available for purchase.
  • Key features: Light-weight aluminum frame, long wheelbase for stable and safe straight-away riding, optimized for an upright riding position, quality air-filled tires, quick release seat post clamp.