Kryptonite Front Light Street F-500 USB

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Why the Kryptonite Front Street F-500 Light?

The Kryptonite Front Street F-500 is the headlight I recommend for city commuting where you don't have many city lights to help you see. I will say if you are a fast cyclist you may "outrun your light" and want something brighter. If you do want something brighter, check out the Kryptonite Front Alley F-800, if you aren't riding dark streets or the trail - or want to save $ check out the Front Street F-150.

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The Kryptonite Street light series has quickly become one of my favorites. You get a lot of lumens for the price, have a large company with great customer service backing it, and I love the features of the sidelights emitting out.

*Quick note - the early models of this headlight did have a bad bracket. If yours seems brittle get a new one by either contacting us or your local bike shop.

Kryptonite Front Street F-500 Light Specifications and Features

    • FULLY USB RECHARGEABLE — No batteries to buy or replace
    • Run time up to 24 HOURS
    • Side illumination ports allow a cyclist to be seen when riding across traffic lanes
    • Memory Function-Light turns on at the last mode it was turned off
    • Power saving function- 10% power or less, lights will automatically switch to lowest lumen output
    • Built-in battery indicator- Red illumination = lower than 25%, Yellow = 50% - 25%, Green = fully charged
    • In accordance with California PROP65 
      WARNING Warning: Cancer & Reproductive Harm 

    Mode Run Time (Hrs)     Lumens
    High Steady 1:30 500
    Medium Steady 3 250
    Low Steady 12 80
    DayTime Pulse 8 500
    NightTime Pulse 10 80/180
    Economic Flash     24 80