Cleary Hedgehog 16" Kid's Bike

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  • Best fit for riders with an inseam of 17" to 21"
  • Weighs 16 lbs.
  • Front and rear child-specific hand brakes
  • Track style Quick Release skewer on front and rear wheel 
  • Hedgehog Bikes do not accept training wheels
  • Three-piece crank and square taper bottom bracket
  • Single speed drive train
  • Slim, junior race-style vegan leather saddle designed to maximize a rider’s range of motion while minimizing chafing
  • Internal brake cable routing 
  • Grips, riser handlebars and brake levers designed for small hands.   
  • The Hedgehog is a "do anything" bike.  Kids drop stairs, tackle technical trails or hunt for caterpillars in the neighborhood.  The bike has no rider weight limit, so when your child has gone to sleep after a day of riding, take the Hedgehog for a spin.  You'll see how fun it is.  


First time riders feel safest with their bottom on the saddle and their feet flat on the ground.  That's how a child with an 18" inseam will fit the Hedgehog with the seat post dropped as low as possible.  Once kids get more comfortable on two wheels, they'll want to sit on the saddle with the balls of their feet on the ground. Thus, a confident rider with a 17" inseam and a first-time rider with a 19" inseam may both feel comfortable with the same set-up on their Hedgehogs. 


Standover Height (top tube) 406mm/16"
Top Tube Length (horizontal) 395mm/15.6"
Top Tube Length (actual) 365mm/14.4"
Seat Tube Length 200mm/7.9"
Seat Post Diameter 25.4mm
Seat Tube Angle 71 degrees
Head Tube Length 100mm
Head Angle 70 degrees
Bottom Bracket Height 213mm/8.4"
Bottom Bracket Width 68mm
Chain Stay Length 301mm/11.9"
Rear Drop-Out Width 112mm
Fork Drop-Out Width 100mm
Wheelbase Length 708mm/27.9"
Stack Height 292mm/11.5"
Reach Length 275mm/11"



Rider Inseam 17" to 22"
Alloy Handlebar Width 500mm wide riser bar
Leather Saddle Length 21.5mm/8.5"
Alloy Stem Length 50mm
Alloy Stem Diameter 1"
Headset Diameter 1"
Brakes front & rear V-brakes
Crank Length 102mm
Front Chainring 25 tooth
Rear Cog 16 tooth



All Cleary bikes arrive 90% assembled. All you need to do is install the pedals, seatpost, handlebars and front wheel, as outlined in the  Cleary Bikes Assembly Manual and seen on our  Assembly Videos.


The Cleary Bikes Lifetime Warranty stands behind each of our bikes for as long as you ride it. Meaning, the original purchaser has a Lifetime Warranty against any and all manufacturer's defects on the bikes. Go ride hard.