Bunch Bikes Original Electric Cargo Bike

Bike your entire "Bunch" with the Bunch Bikes Original Electric Cargo Bike!

Load up to 4 kids upfront in the huge cargo box where you can talk and laugh with them. Watch your lifestyle change, as you start running extra errands (and school pickups) by bike and leave your car at home.

Bunch Electric Cargo Bike Features

  • Three wheel trike for stability
  • Cargo Box with 2 Lockable Benches
  • Built-in front and rear lights
  • Carry up to 220 lbs
  • Optional rain or sun covers available
  • Optional front door for easy access for kids and dogs (you must remove the front seat for this option and can only carry 2 kids)
  • 500w Hub Motor
  • Shimano 8-Speed Drivetrain
  • 48v 14Ah Li-ion Battery
  • Control Panel
  • Avid BB7 Disc Brakes in Front 
  • Step-Through Steel Frame

Bunch Cargo Bike Overview

A video on my thoughts on the Bunch Cargo Bike and why I brought them into my shop. If you prefer reading, you can read the article here


Bunch Cargo Bike Electric vs Non-Electric

If you are at all on the fence between electric and non-electric options, the difference is currently $1000 as of writing this. I've ridden both versions pretty extensively and I'm personally adding an electric kit to the non-electric one that I ordered for demo. The bike rides fine without electric but it is a lot of work to pedal around 2-3 kids, even small ones in, in it. I'm all for getting exercise but making your bike easy to hop on and go without thinking about distance, clothing, or energy makes a huge difference!

If you want to exercise, just don't use the assist!

Bunch cargo bike accessories

These are the key accessories we sell with this bike:

  • Seat cushions ($80 per seat)
  • Rain cover ($80 for cover and poles)
  • Abus Rear Wheel Lock ($40-65)
  • Kryptonite NY Lock ($110)

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