Bunch Bikes Preschool Cargo Bike

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Take your 6 small kids on field trips with this Bunch Bikes Preschool Cargo Bike!

The Preschool Cargo Bike is a game-changer for your preschool, in-home daycare… or a really big family! The kids will have the time of their life, riding with their friends to the park or library.  And you won’t even break a sweat, as the 500w electric motor powers your highly visible school-bus-yellow bike around town. All at a fraction of the cost of buying a transport van for your center!

Room for 6 kids

The roomy cargo box holds up to 6 kids! The 2 long benches are equipped with 6 seat belts to keep everyone safe and sound.

Hassle-Free Loading

With the front door, the kids can easily climb in the bike themselves... no adults needed! The slide latch keeps the door secure while riding.

Electric Assist Riding

The 500w 48v DAPU Hub Motor will flatten your hills! The motor's output automatically adjusts to how hard you pedal, using the torque sensor.