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How to Become a Runner in 5 Steps

by Bike Shop Girl
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I started “running” in September for a challenge that was different (and less time than cycling). I really committed to the practice in October, and finally at the end of October started to feel like I was looking forward to the next run. Here’s what worked for me. What works for you?

  1. Essential first step – Meet friends that love running, but seem normal.
  2. Find a local running company to buy new shoes, sweet shorts, and a running watch (with a lap button!) that make you feel good.
  3. Start running, it will hurt, it will take a few weeks for it to hurt less. (Yes this is step 3, I found in the past if I didn’t have the friends and stuff ready – I stopped after a couple of weeks.)
  4. Sign up for a run and a coach that you trust. The event should be bigger than you think you are able to do. The coach will enable you to show up for your workouts and not think about the process too hard.
  5. Document the experience. It is really easy to forget where you came from, how hard it sucked, but photos and Strava will remind you where you came from.

A few weeks in you’ll feel like you are finally a runner after running 30 minutes consistently – and enjoying it. Congrats, you are a runner. Keep going.

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