Xtracycle Hooptie LT2

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We currently only have the silver version but do have the updated black version on order.

The LT2 Hooptie is made of a front and rear metal upright bracket that installs onto your LT2 V-racks (newer Xtracycle models only) or LT1 v.2 FlightDeck (older Xtracycle models), and two removable and adjustable horizontal metal and foam padded handrails. The handrails have both an inner hand-rail (covered in a black foam padding) and outer protection rail that helps defend your precious cargo’s hands on every ride. The inner rail can easily be removed for carrying larger loads.  With 2 adjustable width settings, the wider setting accommodates Yepp Maxi EasyFit kids seats, and the narrower setting is great for a safe and snug fit without a Yepp kids seat.

Installation Notes

Either the LT2 FlightDeck (no Hooptie Retrofit Kit needed) or LT1 version 2 FlightDeck and Hooptie Retrofit Kit are necessary to install an LT2 Hooptie.


LT2 FlightDecks and LT1 V.2 FlightDecks (with the Hooptie Retrofit Kit.)

This is not compatible with:

Surly Metal Decks and Wooden Decks

Installation Instructions

LT2 Hooptie Installation Instructions

What do I need to install a Hooptie on my deck?