Bicycle Spoke Light Multi-Color

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The Serfas Bicycle Spoke Light is a fun addition to any bike and a party favorite for gifts. The Spoke Light isn't as bright as the Monkey Light M204 but is a great addition for the smaller wheels, strollers, and trailers.

Available in FIVE fun LED light colors: White, Red, Multicolor, and Blue. The SPK Spoke Light is quick and easy to mount and sure to stay safely secured while traveling across any terrain, and with built-in water resistance the SPK ensures a splash or two won't send you home in the dark. Add one, or even twenty, to your bike today and be the coolest cat on the block!

Features: Water Resistant, Fast & Easy Installation / Removal. Specs: Solid Modes: Up To 30 Hours, Flash Modes: Fast Flash - Up To 35 Hours, Slow Flash - Up to 55 Hours, Weight: 20 Grams, Size: 12.8cm x 4.4cm, Battery: 1 x Lithium CR2032