Tern GSD Cargo Bike Tips and Resources

November 28, 2019

Tern GSD Cargo Bike Tips and Resources

Over the last couple of years, I have created a lot of content around the Tern GSD cargo bike. Why? It is a really fabulous bike. Below is a list of the content for easy access as you learn more about the bike, test ride, and maybe even own one!

Tern GSD Tips and Tricks Video

My top 10 things every person should know that rides or owns the Tern GSD. Do you need this in a written article? Let me know. It was much easier to put in a video but I can add a written article.

Topic timestamps:

0:30 How to adjust the Tern GSD Bike Fit with Andros stem and two-stage seatpost
2:17 The upgraded kickstand and tips on using it
4:44 Bosch Purion controller - full video below
5:13 Bosch Batteries, dual battery and Bosch contact cover (Purchase here)
7:08 Tire inflation tips
8:01 Drivetrain, derailleur clutch, pulley, and Magura brake tips
10:12 Vertical Standing for storage & maintenance - full video below
11:07 Installing Cargo Hold Panniers
12:33 Front Wheel Lock (Purchase here)
13:17 Tern Care - Register your bike here: https://www.ternbicycles.com/us/support/registration

Other Tern GSD Resources

 Read my Tern GSD Electric Cargo Bike Review
• Read the comparison on the Tern GSD S10 vs S00 Models
• Listen to the podcast with Tern about this bike

Video on the Basics of the Tern GSD Cargo Bike

How to Use the Tern GSD Bosch Purion Controller on this bike

Video is below or step by step written instructions here

Video on How to Use the Vertical Standing for Storage and Maintenance

Love the GSD but want something a bit smaller?

Am I Missing Something?
I plan on having more resources on installing and using various accessories. If you have ideas or I'm missing something from this resource please let me know!

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