Taking the Lane - Breaking Down Gender Norms

June 05, 2018

Taking the Lane - Breaking Down Gender Norms

This is our third episode of the Shift Up podcast micro-series, Bridging the Gap to achieve gender balance in cycling, sponsored by Quality Bicycle Products. This week on the Shift Up Podcast, we continue to dig into our Bridge the Gap series sponsored by QBP, by answering the question “How do we create a safer space in cycling by breaking down gender norms?” Our guest this week is author, editor, marketer and co-owner of Microcosm Publishing, Elly Blue. Elly joins the conversation as we discuss specific ways to work towards breaking down gender norms in biking as well as how we can be working to make biking more accessible and appealing to people of all demographics through storytelling. At the end of today’s episode, we’re also joined by special guest Lydia Rogue, who is working with Elly to publish a zine by and for trans and non-binary people, aimed at helping others promote and share their experiences in the biking (and other human-powered transportation) world! Elly has been fighting for women’s rights and empowerment in the cycling industry since 2010. Turned off by the sexism and mistreatment of women she had faced in the cycling industry, Elly has now made it her mission to tell her story and the stories of others through the Taking the Lane zine. During our conversation, we discuss how cycling will benefit greatly through more story-telling and a greater emotional connection to others, not just through more advanced data and technology. With this in mind, Lydia Rogue joins our conversation to tell about the latest zine project from Taking the Lane called True Trans Bike Rebel, which is now on Kickstarter, dedicated to transgender and nonbinary folks and talking about the power of bicycling in their lives.


About our series sponsor

Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) is on a mission to increase gender balance & improve gender equality in the bike industry. They are a bicycle company that builds innovative, world-class brands and distributes bicycle products from the best vendors in the industry to over 5,000 bike shops. They aspire to make the world a better place and get more butts on bikes, and they’ve made good on that goal for over 30 years. Learn more about QBP: https://qbp.com/shiftup


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Follow Elly on social media @ellyblue
Learn more about Elly: https://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/artist/elly_blue
Learn more about Taking the Lane: http://takingthelane.com/
Learn more about True Trans Bike Rebel on Kickstarter & submit an entry by June 15th
Learn more about the zine: http://takingthelane.com/zine/
Learn more about Microcosm Publishing: https://microcosmpublishing.com/
Learn about the Critical Mass movement: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

Find Lydia Rogue online: https://www.lydiarogue.com/

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