Bike Here Podcast: Episode 3 - OurStreets

January 29, 2020

Bike Here Podcast: Episode 3 - OurStreets

Lets amplify people power for safer streets using the new OurStreets app. Learn more from the co-founder, Mark Sussman, about how we can all be part of the change to safer cycling on OurStreets!

Episode 3 Recap

Mark and Daniel met at Transportation Techies, a community of people involved in transportation and technology, when Mark used Daniel’s app data for his capstone project.

In 2018, Daniel built a Twitter app “How’s My Driving DC” that could take a tweet from someone with a take license plate information and a hashtag (that triggered the bot), and then the bot goes to the DC DMV website and returns any outstanding citation information. After 1-2 months there was over $1 million dollars of outstanding citations associated with the bot triggers.

From this bot, they built an app to do the same thing in order to better understand why people were taking the time to trigger the bot, while also collecting data to help do something about it. This app was called “How’s My Driving?” as a beta test.

In the year since building this beta app they have received over 18k submissions, mostly in DC metro area. Their new rebranding is called OurStreets, and the new app for Apple or Android is now available (see below for links)!

The new app features:

  • Automatic license recognition
  • Photo meta data recognition - you can add photos later and it pulls time/location from the photo
  • A more walk through experience

That’s a quick snapshot but listen in to learn more!

OurStreets Links

OurStreets Press

OurStreets Advocacy Partners

  • League of American Bicyclists
  • Alexandria BPAC
  • Bike Baton Rogue
  • Bike Baton Rouge
  • Bike Pittsburgh
  • Bike Indianapolis
  • Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling
  • Washington Area Bicyclists Association

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