Meet the Woom OFF Kid's Mountain Bike

October 09, 2019

Meet the Woom OFF Kid's Mountain Bike

woom OFF 24 kid's mountain bike

Two demo Woom OFF kid's mountain bikes have arrived at Bike Shop Girl and wow these are amazing! We have the 20" and 24" bikes for you to try. I'm currently working on a review after a couple of more kids take them for a ride but here's my quick initial run down.

Sizes, MSRP, and Weight of the Woom OFF 

20" at $669 (17.28 lbs weighed in shop with pedals)
24" at $679 (18.08 lbs weighed in shop with pedals)
26" at $699 (20.5 lbs claimed by woom)

Woom OFF Carbon Fork

Key Specifications

  • Superlight aluminum frame
  • Carbon fork with thru axle to stiffen up the front wheel
  • Hydraulic disc brakes with a shorter reach in the handle
  • SRAM 9 speed trigger shifter
  • Narrow grips for a child's hands
  • 24 x 2.35″ Schwalbe Rocket Ron 

Overall Reaction

For the price, this is a very well built bike with a great part selection. The weight is super low and I actually prefer the rigid fork for smaller kids. I'm not sold on the carbon fork due to kids being rough with their bikes but it is a great way to lighten up the front end of the bike for kids. Longer-term there will be a suspension fork option from Woom, hopefully that will be available aftermarket for upgrades if you find your kid really needs it. Personally, I would run lower air pressure to see what type of riding your kiddo does and add the fork later unless you know they are taking hard drops or gaps. Suspension forks add so much weight for a kid that I try to steer away unless you know they need/want it.

The parts are a good mix. I personally prefer Shimano for kids as it is sometimes hard for them to reach thru with their thumb to a second lever hidden underneath but this isn't a deal-breaker at all. The drivetrain does have a "narrow-wide" chainring that should help with the chain staying on the front chainring but my guess is you'll have some kids that need a chain keeper to keep it from hopping off. 

I love the stem and handlebar combo. The stem has a +/-15° flip-flop design to adjust the handlebar height and keep a kid's weight properly over the front of the bike. 

Woom OFF Drivetrain

Questions and Last Remarks

If your kid is getting into riding this is a great bang for the buck mountain bike for them. I'm blown away with the weight and price. This will certainly give the Prevelo Zulu line some competition. Both have their pros and cons. I'll be working on a comparison review within the month.

Outstanding questions I'll be exploring:

Can we comfortably run these wheels and tires tubeless?
What type of dropper seat post can we get to work with the frame?
How does the carbon fork hold up?

Want It This Year? Order Soon

Finally, if you are thinking this may be a holiday present please order soon and I'll store them until the holidays. I am guessing these will be sold out by early November! Come visit the shop and see these great bikes first hand.

Woom OFF Kid's Mountain Bikes

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