We are Your Bunch Bikes Dealer for the Denver, Colorado Area

November 15, 2019

We are Your Bunch Bikes Dealer for the Denver, Colorado Area

Looking for a stable bike to cruise around NE Denver with all of your kids?

We are now a Bunch Bikes dealer and have the electric and non-electric Original trike cargo bikes for demo rides! This is a nice way to replace car trips around the neighborhood while keeping up to 4 kids nice and protected from the weather with the optional rain cover.

In the future, I'll write up a comparison between a front loading trike like this one that does not articulate compared to my beloved Urban Arrow or Bullitt style front box bike. In summary, this is a great bike to replace car trips around the neighborhood, provide a nanny or an aupair that you don't want to go very quickly. This bike is not fast and doesn't handle turns at speed very well. That being said, it is steady, reliably built, and can fit 4 kids under that weather cover!

Why Did We Become a Bunch Bikes Dealer?

A trike is nice and steady. I once helped import Christiania trikes to the US. They were wonderful bikes but expensive to ship, a long wait time, and very frustrating if you needed a replacement part or accessory. Bunch Bikes is based in Austin and make affordable but not TOO cheap of a bike. This is a great segway for someone with multiple children, wanting something easy to hop in and out of, or a different option other than a car for their children's care providers. Personally, our Aupair has been demoing the non-electric version and has really enjoyed it.

Bunch Bike Cargo Bike Options

Bunch Bikes Original Family Cargo Bike

The Original Trike Cargo Bike

Starting at $2500 for none electric, $3500 for electric

Includes 2 benches with locking storage, 1x8 shifting, front disc brakes. Fits rider heights 5’2” to 6’5”

These are available for demo. Set up an appointment to try one!

Bunch Bikes Swift Cargo Bike

The Swift Cargo Bike

Starting at $2000 for non-electric and $3000 for electric. This is a two-wheel cargo bike good for 1-2 kids. Faster, more nimble, but not as steady as the Original trike cargo bike.  

We do not have one of these in yet but I hope to try one out soon.

Bunch Bikes Preschool Cargo Bike

The Preschool Cargo Bike

Starting at $4000, only available in electric and it holds 6 children!!

The biggest of the bunch.. the Preschool Cargo Bike is a game-changer for your preschool, in-home daycare… or a really big family! The kids will have the time of their life, riding with their friends to the park or library. And you won’t even break a sweat, as the 500w electric motor powers your highly visible school-bus-yellow bike around town. All at a fraction of the cost of buying a transport van for your center!

We don't have one of these but please someone give me a reason to order it!

More To Come

I'll report back as I spend more time trying and riding these bikes! For now, check out all of our additional available cargo bike options.

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