by Bike Shop Girl
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Hi! I’m Arleigh Greenwald.

A mom of 3, that owned a cargo e-bike shop, and now creates content for a living to help people with city biking and cycling tech.

You’ll find tech reviews around cycling and fitness to hopefully inspire you to get outside, leave the car at home a bit more, and enjoy the world around you. At the end of the day my “why” is my kids and a deep desire to make our surrounding community healthier, happier, and less congested as they grow up. So many of our biggest hurdles from physical and mental health, pollution, land use, and more could be improved by a simple bike ride.


Bike Shop Girl started in 2008, I was working in a bike shop and realized that because there aren’t a lot of women in the industry then there weren’t a lot of resources to help women. Bike Shop Girl started with the goal of “empowering women in cycling”.

Fast forward to 2015 as I started having kids and fell in love with cargo bikes, and in 2018 I was inspired to open a bike shop for my family in yours. Quickly, the shop won awards – not because I did anything crazy but the opposite – I focused on getting everyday people on bikes!

After 3 years, COVID hit, and our family decided we needed to move closer to family (we had no immediate family in Colorado). Sadly, our bike shop needed to close. You can read about that here. I took a job with Tern Bicycles in marketing and product design, and learned a lot about launching new products but didn’t have enough time to enjoy biking.

So now, my full-time job is right here helping you, and probably a Facebook Group or two. Happy to see you here!