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28 Dec ’11

Video: 2011 MN Cyclocross Champ

2011 MN State Cyclocross ChampionshipNovember 19-20, 2011Basset Creek ParkCrystal,

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Wilkes County 9 Dec ’11

Wilkesboro NC Cyclocross Race this Sunday

As I am bouncing all over the region, and US this week I hope you can understand the

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NC Cyclocross 16 Nov ’11

Photos of NC Cyclocross #5 – Charlotte, NC

I don’t have words. The race hurt.

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Aspercreme 11 Nov ’11

North Meck CX #2 Race Report

This past week was my first real cyclocross race of the season. There I said it.

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NC Cyclocross Salisbury 8 Nov ’11

Photos of NC Cyclocross in Salisbury

See the full set over at Photos.CozySocial.com

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Motivational Monday Lori Cooke 7 Nov ’11

Motivational Monday with Lori Cooke

Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you

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NC Cyclocross 5 Oct ’11

Va Du Mar Cyclocross Race Report

Peeling myself out from the warm covers early Sunday morning, the light wasn’t

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NC Cyclocross 14 Sep ’11

NC Cyclocross Clinic Recap

This past Sunday I dragged myself out of bed at o’dark 30 to prep myself and

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NC Cyclocross 4 Sep ’11

Cyclocross Schedule in NC and SC

As a resident of the Charlotte North Carolina region I can tell you that cyclocross

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Marianne Vos 1 Sep ’11

An Interview with Marianne Vos

Podium Cafe posted a great, lengthy, article on Marianne Vos. Vos is a Dutch road,

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