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8 Apr ’10

Can I Wear Guys Cycling Shorts?

The easy answer to the question “Can I wear guys cycling shorts?” Yes!

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7 Dec ’09

Batavus BUB Review : Introduction

A quick introduction was posted over at CommuteByBike.com to introduce the Batavus

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31 Aug ’09

Preventative Maintenance : Lube Your Chain

Proper technique in lubing your chain will help prolong the life of your drive train

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19 Aug ’09

Wednesday Round Up

Cyclelicious reports on 3 different recalls for the day from Felt Bikes, Burley

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17 Aug ’09

What’s in Your Bag?

A common question seems to be : What’s in your bicycle bag? The bag they are

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16 Aug ’09

Basics: Bike Riding with Children

Involving your kids with cycling can be a very rewarding thing, if handled with

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6 Aug ’09

Basics : Cycling Computers

There is a great accessory for your bike called a bike computer or cyclometer.  

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5 Aug ’09

Urban Outfitters Bike Shop

The popular store, Urban Outfitters has seemed to have teamed up with Republic Bike

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3 Aug ’09

Everyday Cycling Clothing

Our poll last week to answer the question “Do You Wear Cycling Clothing”

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2 Aug ’09

Wrapping Your Handlebars

After playing most the weekend with video editing and voice overs, I decided to

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