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17 Nov ’10

Attempting a Vlog for Bike Shop Girl

I’m working out the kinks to do the weekly vlog again.   A few different

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23 Apr ’10

Video : Weekly Update for April 24th

Catching everyone up with what is going on here, what is new in house for review and

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12 Apr ’10

Cervelo’s YouTube Stream

For the past few months I’ve been doing my best to find good video content,

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10 Feb ’10

Quick Podcast : Q&A with Team Vera Bradley

Tonight I’m going to sit on a Q&A panel with Alison Powers, Robin Farina

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8 Feb ’10

Cell Phone Ban : Do you feel better on the...

Across the country the use of cellphones while driving is being cracked down on.

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5 Feb ’10

Women of Dirt Movie Trailer

Slowly, very slowly, women are getting the nod for doing things in the cycling

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27 Jan ’10

Video Podcast: Keen Coronado Cruiser Review

A very brief video of benefits and initial thoughts of the Keen Coronado Cruiser on

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1 Jan ’10

Grease Monkey Wipe Review : Video

I crafted up a video to show how the Grease Monkey Wipes work. My hands were greasy

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2 Oct ’09

What is a Scrader Valve or Presta Valve?

When you ride a bicycle it will come to a point that you’ll need to inflate

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