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set 28 Sep ’11

Road Holland: Good People in Cycling Episode 1

The two guys behind Road Holland are good peeps. You don’t hear me saying that

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13 Sep ’11

Video: Decision Between Bike and Car

What do you chose on your daily commute? A beautiful bike ride with friends, or to

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mash-texas-tee-4 10 Sep ’11

Going to Interbike? Video of ride with Mash SF

A treat from 2010 Interbike with a ride with Mash SF.

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22 Aug ’11

Pearl Izumi USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Watch the video, comment and make sure to visit back each night to check out the

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People for Bikes 13 May ’11

I Believe in Bikes, They DO Make the World Better

I believe that bikes can solve many of the worlds problems if we put enough energy

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13 Apr ’11

Sea Otter Preview Vlog in the CLT Airport

While delayed at the Charlotte airport, I threw together a video using my

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First Bicycle Ride 21 Jan ’11

The Bicycle : Giving Women Independence since the 1890’s

Does cycling make you feel free and independent?  Was it the first way that you

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Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair Stand 11 Jan ’11

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair Stand : Product Preview

As a mechanic you become very territorial and particular with your tools.   Once

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17 Nov ’10

Attempting a Vlog for Bike Shop Girl

I’m working out the kinks to do the weekly vlog again.   A few different

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