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Twin Six Cyber Monday 2 Dec ’13

Salesy: Twin Six Cyber Monday Discount

Twin Six is a personal sponsor of Bike Shop Girl and this is a great deal for Cyber

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Twi nSix ArtCrank 10 Apr ’13

Twin Six Limited Edition ArtCrank Jerseys

There is no point of hiding my love of Twin Six and ArtCrank so this is a simple

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Twin Six Tshirt of the Month 6 Mar ’13

Twin Six TShirt of the Month

Get it here before they are gone.  

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Charlotte Short Track 29 Jan ’13

Race Report: Winter Short Track #3

Could I keep consistent lap times? Could I make the podium? How did my skinsuit do

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Charlotte Winter Short Track Series 27 Jan ’13

Race Preview: Charlotte Winter Short Track #3

Today was the first time in this race series I’ve been able to sleep in. Maybe

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Twin Six T-Shirt of the Month 6 Jan ’13

T-Shirt of the Month: Logging Miles

Fat tires, sweet beard and the color orange. How much more awesome could this months

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Twin Six Christmas Pickle 16 Dec ’12

You Need a Pickle, a Christmas Pickle

Finding the Christmas Pickle is said to bring good fortune for the following year,

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Fat Cyclist Twin Six 16 May ’12

List of Love: Twin Six

I use a lot of bike gear, I ride about 5-7 days a week depending on work and I use a

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Arleigh Jenkins 6 Hours of Warrior Creek 9 Apr ’12

2012 6 Hours of Warrior Creek Report – The good,...

Let's get down to the nitty gritty, wtf happened?

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